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No! Travel DOES NOT Solve Problems!

Travel does not solve probelms
Travel does not solve probelms

Travel is not the way to solve problems…

Do you have many decisions to make but are hesitant to make them? Are your debts compiling and you feel you need to escape them? Is your relationship making you feel trapped? Do you hate your job and want to leave it? If you think that traveling is the way to solve problems you are facing, you should definitely think again!

Can travel solve problems?

Although travel can definitely help you relax and get a better idea of what you want and need, it is wrong to assume that it will solve problems such as:

  • Poor financial habits

Wherever you go and whatever you do, if you do not know how to manage your money, that will never change. You need to actively start making a plan to live within your means before you consider living in another country, even if it was cheaper!

  • Unhealthy lifestyle

If you don’t have good habits such as sleeping well, exercising regularly and eating healthy food, don’t expect that traveling to another country will solve those problems for you. In fact, they might get more out of hand!

  • New business 

If you have a business idea you want to implement, you need to be productive and productivity needs routine. Although traveling and working online seems to be a sexy option, it is also distracting and can make you lose track of your goals.

  • Escaping the past

Whether it is an abusive relationship or a painful past, traveling will not really help you escape what you are feeling regarding your bad experiences. Although it can help you get away from a toxic environment, travel alone is never enough and you need to work on underlying issues to figure things out and move on. The same applies to a broken relationship, which needs work, time and effort at home rather than on the road!

It is true that traveling enriches your mind and soul but if you are traveling to solve problems, you will definitely be disappointed. Do you agree? 

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