All You Need to Know About Holiday Travel Plans

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Tips for making the best holiday travel plans

Planning to visit your favorite destination for some holiday shopping? Or maybe spending Christmas with family in your hometown? If your answer is yes, then it’s time to get your travel plans in order!

Since traveling over the holidays can be notoriously stressful, busy and expensive, here are some insider tips that will help you find some joy this season while traveling during the holidays.

How to make holiday travel plans:

  • Do your best to avoid peak travel dates

The first thing you need to think about is how to avoid peak travel dates. These dates include the Wednesday before Thanksgiving as well as the days just before Christmas and New Year. Instead, use Booking or Expedia to put in your flexible travel dates and check out the best deals you can get. Moreover, consider the days that will allow you to maximize long weekends without having to take too many days off work.

  • Go for early bird flights

To avoid the hassle of having your flight cancelled due to bad weather conditions and to get better rates, try going for early bird flights. Alternatively, you can also get cheaper rates by taking the overnight, red-eye flights and try to catch some zees while flying to your destination.

  • Avoid really tight layovers

If you are unable to book a direct flight to your destination, make sure that you give yourself at least one hour between layovers. Remember that flying during the holidays will make arriving on time harder given weather delays and crowded airports and flights.

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  • Leave early

Avoid delays caused by traffic jams and full parking lots by leaving to the airport at an early time. So instead of leaving 2 hours before your flight, leave 3 hours earlier as this will help you anticipate the delays you may encounter.

  • Pick the seat that suits you

Long-haul flights can be very exhausting. This is why choosing a comfortable seat can make a lot of difference. Since prime economy seats usually cost more, try going for a middle seat in the back row. Furthermore, trying locking down your seat when you book your flight using your airline’s website or apps such as SeatGuru.

  • Learn how to be a security pro

When you are ready for security checks, you are more likely to avoid being stopped and getting delayed for your flight. So take the time to brush up on the most up-to-date security regulations while making your travel plans. Also, remember to pack a light carry on, wear easy on and off shoes and keep your laptop in an easy to find location.

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  • Take some load off

Since traveling can be tiring and stressful, take some of the load off by visiting a lounge after your screening is done. Some lounges offer day passes where you can enjoy free Wi-Fi as well as complimentary food and beveragesLoungeBuddy is a great app that allows you to check and compare airport lounges all around the globes.

  • Leave the airport during long layovers

If your layover is more than 2-3 hours, ditch the airport go out for some fresh air and stretch your legs. This will give you the chance to unwind and avoid the crowded and noisy airports while exploring a new city! Use luggage storage to keep your belongings safe as you go out on your small adventure.

  • Take advantage of shortcuts

Whenever possible, use shortcuts while making your travel plans such as printing out your boarding pass in advance or checking in your luggage in a day before. You can also do all your holiday shopping online and have all the gifts shipped to your destination to avoid the risk of them getting lost.

Finally, it is important that you try t keep your cool at all times and stay positive throughout the process. You want to look back positively on your travel experience so avoid losing your temper and remember to breathe!

Do you have other holiday travel plan tips to share with our readers? We are looking forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  

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