The Hottest Technology Breakthroughs of 2016!

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Technology breakthroughs that could change the world

The drive for creation and innovation has given way for new emerging technologies that could change the world as we know it. If you love tech news and want to learn more about the latest technology breakthroughs of 2016, then this post is for you! So read, enjoy and share!

Rounding up technology breakthroughs of 2016:

New technologies can help solve problems and create new opportunities. So what are the latest tech breakthroughs you must know? Here’s our round up for 2016:

  • Immune engineering

This year, doctors have started using genetically engineered white cells to save the lives of people suffering from cancer. But there is much more good news to come! Researchers are already working on using this synthetic immunology to help cure other autoimmune disorders such as diabetes, lupus and multiple sclerosis.

  • Plant genetic editing

Using a technology called CRISPR, scientists are now able to precisely edit the genetics of plants to withstand droughts and make them disease resistant. This technology will help protect vegetables and fruits from the ever evolving and changing pathogens. Moroever, it can help preserve plants in droughts and dire conditions.

  • Conversational interfaces

You must love your smartphone. But wouldn’t you love it even more if it allowed you to control it using your voice? I know I would! This is why  China’s leading Internet company, Baidu, has been working on utilizing voice interfaces for more and more commands and actions. This means that soon, you might actually be able to hold a proper conversation with your smartphone’s digital assistant.

  • Reusable rockets

Setting the stage for a new era in spaceflight, reusable rockets are no longer a fantasy any more. With this reusable rocket technology, blasting things in space could actually become cheaper and more convenient. Just refuel that baby and watch it go again!

  •  The DNA app store

With this awesome database, you can now easily tap into your genes to learn about any health risks you are prone to and any predispositions you might have. This app store for genetic information could really change the quality of our lives and how we go about it.

  • Robots learning from each other

Imagine a world where your robots can teach other robots how to perform new tasks? In 3-5 years, this may actually be a reality. Can you close your eyes and imagine the opportunities this kind of technology could present?

  • Power from the air

In 2-3 years, you will be able to use tiny passive Wi-Fi devices to power your electronics. Although transferring power wirelessly in not really a new trick, with this new technology you might never need to ever change a battery again!

  • Autonomous driving

The Tesla autopilot is proof that autonomous driving could become a reality very soon. With the hardware needed in place, we are a few software updates away from having a fully automated driving experience.

These are the hottest technologies we really enjoyed reading about. Do you have any more technology breakthroughs you would like to share? please do so in the comment section below! 

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