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Why You Need to Add News Feeds to Your Website

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What makes news feeds so important?

Adding new, unique and exciting content to your site or blog is a big challenge. Moreover, since everyone in the digital realm is racing to put out great content, there is a continuous pressure on businesses, bloggers and marketers to create viral, engaging content. This is what makes curated news feeds your best bet for keeping your website content fresh and up-to-date.

But what are these news feeds and why should you add them to your site? Read more here to find out!

What is a news feed?

It is an aggregation of digital content where users can find and read summaries with links to the original posts. Actually, news feeds are quite similar to movie previews and trailers as they allow you to get an idea about the posts you might be interested in reading.

If you want to keep your website relevant, fresh and engaging, keep up with the latest industry news and bring in more visitors to your site, curating your own news feed from different sources is definitely the answer.

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What are the benefits of curated news feeds?

  • Providing timely & important information

Let’s face it: there is always new, interesting news, videos, articles and reports related to your business or industry. Adding a curated news feed allows you to provide your visitors with timely and fresh information on the go. This will encourage your readers to keep coming back for more.

  • Saving your readers’ time & effort

When you share relevant, timely, interesting and informative content on your website, you save your readers/visitors time and effort looking for the same information all over the web. Since your readers value their time, your news feed will make them love your site and keep you in mind any time they need to find important resources.

  • Making you seem like a thought-leader

One of the great things about having a curated news feed is that it makes you the go-to source for relevant information. When you share diverse content, opinions and views you become more credible to your audience. Furthermore, when you take the time to add your personal opinion on the content you share, your audience will see its importance and see you as a thought leader.

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  • Saving your business time & resources

If you have a small team working with you, it can be very hard to juggle your website, its content and other aspects of your business. However, spending 5-10 minutes a day to publish and update your news feed, you will save so much time and resources.

  • Sharing a variety of content types

Many of us lack the experience in creating and publishing content types such as videos and white papers. But when you curate your news feed, you can share a wide variety of content sources and types allowing your audience to engage with you on different levels.

Do you use news feeds to make your website more engaging? Don’t hesitate to share with us your feedback and experiences in the comment section below. 

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