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Beware: Facebook’s Fake Trending Topics

Facebook's Fake Trending News
Facebook's Fake Trending News

Fake Trending Topics Coming Through…

Many of us turn to social media for breaking news, trending topics, hacks, tricks and much more. We tend to believe almost everything we read online, especially when it comes to major news and headlines. However, if Facebook is one of your main sources for trending topics, you need to reevaluate your options, as it seems that Facebook has been promoting fake news!

More on Facebook’s fake Trending Topics:

The Washington Post recently reported that Facebook has been reporting fake and inaccurate news in its Trending Topics section. Here are some of those stories:

  • 6 weeks ago, Facebook ran a false story about Fox firing Megyn Kelly for being a closet liberal who supports Hillary Clinton. Facebook then apologized and removed the story.
  • On 31st August 2016, it published a story about a Clemson University admin who kicked a praying man off campus. The university discredited that story.
  • On 9th September 2016, it promoted a story that claimed that the September 11 attacks were a controlled demolition.

And the list goes on…

Facebook’s Accountability:

On the one hand, it is safe to assume that a social media site such as Facebook needs to be held accountable for trending stories and news. On the other, Facebook never promised accuracy or objectivity in the way it shares content.

Are Algorithms to Blame?

It is worth mentioning here that this problem only started when Facebook started relying on algorithms vs. humans to evaluate content and decide what is fake and what is not. Maybe one way to tackle this is to bring back the editorial team until the algorithms are more refined and able to pick out fake new resources, sites and malware.

What do you think? Will you trust Facebook’s Trending Topics section after reading this news? Do you hold Facebook accountable for the quality of news and stories shared on its platform? Share with us your feedback down below.

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