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How to Create More Engaging Instagram Stories

Instagram stories
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Tips for creating better Instagram stories

Do you want to learn about the hidden tools in Instagram stories? Are you looking for some tips and hacks that can help you create more engaging stories that your Instagram audience will enjoy? In this post, we will share with you six essential tricks that will enhance your stories and make them more fun, original and exciting!

Creating more engaging Instagram stories 101:

  • Use text & customize colors

To spice up your stories on Instagram, it’s a good idea to add text (captions) to them. To add text to your stories, upload or take a picture or a video or then tap the ‘Aa‘ icon at the top right corner. When the keyboard opens, you can select the color you like from a long range of preselected colors.

But that’s not all. You can also tap and hold any preselected color and choose any of the colors that show anywhere on the color spectrum. Or you can even use the color dropper icon to choose any color from your image and then add your text in the color that you have selected.

Bonus tip: Matching your text color with your brand colors helps you augment your branding within your stories. 

  • Change pen & font sizes

The default size and thickness of the pen features in Instagram stories is mid-range. To change this, use the slider on the left side of the screen. Slide up to make pens thicker and fonts larger or slide down to make fonts smaller and pens thinner.

You always have the option to keep the font and pen size as is. However, sometimes you will need to shrink the text to fit the screen or make it bigger to highlight its importance.

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  • Create solid color backgrounds

What if you want to share something on Instagram stories but don’t want to use an image? What options do you have then? Well, you can always use a solid color background. To create one, take a photo of anything, then tap the pen icon at the top of the screen. Select a color for your background then tap and hold anywhere on the screen. Once you are done, tap ‘Done‘ or the check mark to save the changes you made. You can then go on to add any doodles, text or stickers you want.

  • Use consecutive posts to build text

Do you want to share a lot of text? If yes, creating consecutive posts is your best bet. Since each story image plays for about 7 seconds, make sure that you add a small amount of text on each image or background. Also, make sure that you save the posts to your mobile device.

To create consecutive posts, start a new story post, fix it up, save it then upload it. Do that for all the text you have then you are ready to share your text with the world!

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  • Turn your photos into videos

Since images play for 7 seconds while videos play for 15, if you want to keep your story longer on the screen, it’s a good idea to craft it and turn it into a video. You can even add music to it or animations to make it even more original and unique. To find out how to do this, click here for a list of apps and details on how to use them.

  • Reveal portion of images behind solid backgrounds

The eraser tool is a fun way to combine solid backgrounds with images. To use it, start a new story with the image you want to use. Then use the pen tool (as instructed above) to create a solid background. Now, all you need to do is activate the pen tool again, choose the eraser and draw anywhere on the screen to reveal the desired portion of your image. And viola! You are good to go!

Are you using Instagram stories to promote and grow your brand? What tips and tricks can you share with us from your experience? We look forward to your insights in the comment section below. 

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