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How to Grow A Social Media Audience for Your Startup

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Essential social media tips for startups

Startups need a strong social media presence. Not only will growing your social media audience help you launch your startup, it will also help increase your sales in the long run.

So what can you do to achieve that? Here are some general tips and platform tailored hacks that can guide you through.

Tips for growing a social media audience:

  • Create powerful profiles & pages

The first step towards growing your audience is creating powerful social media profiles and pages. This includes branded profile photos and cover pictures. It also requires you filling out your info with all the needed details. On Twitter, this means a 160 character biography, a website link and a location. As for Facebook, you will need to add a short description, a website link, an address and a phone number.

Bonus tip: Make sure you add a few interesting posts before you start inviting or following people.

  • Share quality content

By now you must have a clear idea about who your audience is and what they like. What you need to do next and share with them content that they will enjoy. Your content could be videos, images, podcasts or infographics depending on your business, your marketing objectives and your audience demographics.

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  • Use friend-finding features

Most social media platforms have features that enable you to search and connect with the people you know. Use those features to your advantage. Email contacts and Facebook friends can be great assets in helping you build and grow your social media audience.

  • Link to your accounts

Make sure that you also link your website to your accounts by adding a small square with the icons at the header, sidebar and footer. Moreover, you can take it a step further and add the official buttons for each network on your site. Here are the ones you need for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

  • Do some cross-promotion

Try to look for opportunities to link from one account to another. Moreover, invite your followers on one account to connect with you on the other. This will help you grow your social media accounts and get the attention you need.

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Twitter specific tips:

  • Follow & engage

Twitter allows you to follow up to 5,000 people before you have an audience. So use Twitter Search to start looking for those who match your target audience and start following them. Furthermore, start chatting with them and letting them know more about what you do.

  • Use Twitter advertising

If you have a small budget you can spare, we recommend that you spend some money on Twitter advertising. When you use advertising on Twitter, Twitter will promote your account to your potential target audience and encourage them to follow you.

  • Use hashtags

Hashtags can help people find and engage with your content. Make sure you add them when you are sharing your content with your followers.

Facebook specific tips:

  • Open up your personal profile

Facebook allows you to open up your personal profile so people who aren’y your friends can follow your feeds. This can really help build your audience with public status updates while keeping your private life private.

  • Join Facebook groups

Participating in Facebook groups is another great way to grow your social media audience. So find the groups with your target audience, join them and engage in discussions.

LinkedIn specific tips:

  • Participate in LinkedIn groups

Looking to engage with active LinkedIn members? LinkedIn groups are the best way to do so. However, be sure to stay active yourself, participate in discussions and provide valuable answers to motivate people to connect with you.

  • Comment on blogposts

Finally, to get noticed on LinkedIn, you can follow your target audience, comment on their blogposts and engage with them.

Can you add any more tips for our readers to read and benefit from? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comment section below. 

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