What Are the Rules for A Successful Marriage?

successful marriage
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Essential rules for maintaining a successful marriage

Human relationships can be both fragile and complicated. They need a lot of tender loving care to stay healthy and last longer. This is especially true when it comes to marriage. As you all know, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of unhappy marriages all around the world. Marriages that are only for show or on paper or for the sake of the kids. On the other hand, it is rare to find a healthy and successful marriage.

Personally, I’ve grown to believe that marriage is overrated. But that is my personal opinion and I will keep the rest of my beliefs to myself.

However, if you still believe in marriage and want to make yours work, I think you will find this list of top complied tips both useful and enlightening.

Successful marriage rules:

  • Make your commitment a priority

It is no surprise that the more you are committed to something (anything), the better the chances of its success. So make commitment to your partner a priority. Stay committed to yourself and the bond you made with your partner. Open relationships can make that much harder to achieve. So try avoiding them.

  • Avoid being close-minded

Many marriages fail because one or both partners fails to keep an open mind and think freely. You need to be creative and open to different possibilities to sustain a successful marriage.

  • Pay attention to marriage maintenance

One mistake that many couples do is failing to work on their relationship on a regular basis. The more you delay working on the problematic areas in your relationship, the bigger the problem becomes. Instead of waiting for things to hit the fan and then choose counseling or look for help, try to solve problems as they arise.

  • Add self-care to your to-do list

In order to be able to take care of your relationship, you need to take care of yourself. I am talking mentally, emotionally and physically as well. If you neglect yourself, your marriage will eventually suffer.

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  • Show support to each other

It is easy to enjoy the good and happy times of a relationship. However, it is only during the hard and tricky times when your marriage is put to the test. Make it a point to be there for your partner when she/she needs you. Moreover, don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it.

  • Give a free pass now & then

There will always be things about your partner that will annoy or irritate you. Furthermore, every now and then, they might do something that can really get on your nerves. Try your best to avoid caring about those things instead of letting them ruin your marriage and destroy your love.

  • Invest time, energy & love

Nothing – and I mean nothing – good comes easy. If you want your marriage to be healthy and last, you need to make it a point to invest your time, energy and love into it. Your kids are important and so is your career. However, don’t put those first and let your marriage fall into pieces.

  • Make some changes

Sometimes, we are so attached to our old ways even when they are destructive or harmful. It is okay to change some things about yourself if that will help you grow while maintaining your marriage. However, don’t actively try to change your partner as this will usually backfire.

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  • Mind your actions

I am a true believer that actions do speak louder than words. Applying this in your marriage will help make it stronger and healthier and will make the bond between you and your partner long lasting.

  • Be kind & generous

For many people, it is really the little things you do for them that count. Try to be kind and generous with your partner and remember that simple gestures can really make a difference in your relationship and how you feel about each other.

  • Celebrate each other’s successes

It is not always easy to put aside insecurity or jealousy when it comes to your partner’s success. However, if you truly want to have a successful marriage, you need to learn how to celebrate your partner’s successes and achievements. Moreover, always avoid being petty and envious.

  • Live in the present

Many relationships fail because one or both partners fail to let go of the past. The more you focus on the past, the less you can live the moment. This in turn can destroy your marriage and any chances of its success. Live in the now and let bygones be bygones.

  • Find & embrace the good

You can always find things about your marriage and your partner that can drive you insane! However, that’s not why you chose to spend the rest of your life with him/her. Focus on finding and embracing the good in your partner and make it a point to always give them the benefit of the doubt.

  • Express your love & appreciation

Let’s face it: everyone loves to feel loved & appreciated, this includes your life-long partner. Express your love and your appreciation to your partner every now and then. Moreover, savor the good in your relationship and the happy times and try to put the bad times behind.

What other rules do you think are needed for a successful marriage? Please don’t hesitate to add them here in the comment section below. 

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