How to Simplify Your Children’s Lives in 6 Steps

Children's lives
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Tips for simplifying your kids’ lives

Simplicity is a powerful parenting tool. It helps strengthen your connection with your kids and enables you to better show them your unconditional love. Moreover, it is vital for their health as well as yours. So what can you do to simplify your children’s lives and make them happier kids?

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How to simplify your children’s lives:

Simplifying is not about deprivation. It is about creating space for living. Here are some tips that will help you slow down and better nurture your family:

  • Vanquish the clutter

One way to bring more order to your kid’s lives and help them have more fun is by vanquishing the clutter. Actually, having fewer toys can give your kids more freedom and space for creativity and developing their imagination. Here’s a few tips on how you can do that:

  1. Get rid of broken toys.
  2. Remove the toys with missing parts.
  3. Remove toys that can limit your children’s imagination and those inappropriate for their age.
  4. Donate toys which your kids haven’t played with in over a month or two.
  5. Make sure you keep favorites as well as classic toys.

Bonus tip: Create a toy library that you can rotate and update on a regular basis.

  • Simplify information

Children need to be aware of the world around them. However, they still need protection from information that could hurt or paralyze them rather than prepare them. Since children can’t process adult information, it is essential that you safeguard them against that kind of information. So do not expose them to world news and keep them away from adult drama and problems.

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  • Limit the screens

Reducing screen time can be very challenging however it is a must for children’s brain development. This is why it is essential that you limit screen time as much as possible. You can start that by setting limits for yourself and being a good role model when it comes to your interaction with your smartphone, laptop, TV, etc.

  • Balance high & low notes

Think of your children’s lives as a series of high and low notes. The high notes would be school, sport activities and playdates. While the low notes are reading a book, going for a walk or playing catch in the park. As a parent, you need to find the right balance between the high and low notes. This will help them be more relaxed and provide you with a break from the pressures of every day life.

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  • Minimize schedules

It is no secret that kids dislike structured activities. For example, homework means that there is less free time to play and monkey around. This is why you should try to minimize the number of hours that your kids spend doing structured activities. Moreover, give them room to actually get bored! This will help increase their creativity, self-reliance and happiness as well.

  • Go outdoors

Nature is the perfect place to foster creativity and stimulation. Moreover, studies have found a relationship between little exposure to nature and obesity, depression and attention disorders. This is why spending time outdoors with kids is never a bad idea. Whether you go for a swim win the ocean, a walk in the park or out to explore your backyard, spending time outdoors with your kids will always lead to good things.

To wrap it up:

Yes, children do make life a little bit more complicated. However, they also make it more magical and beautiful. So trust your instincts, take it easy and don’t be afraid to be the fun-loving dinosaur chasing odd parent you are aching to be!

What other tips can you share with us for simplifying your children’s lives? Don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below.  

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