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15 Unbelievable Scientific Facts You Should Know

scientific facts
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Must know scientific facts

Ready to discover some very interesting and unusual scientific facts? Read below as we share with you some ice-breakers for first dates and gatherings that are also great to know as general knowledge.

Unbelievable stats & scientific facts:

– It took Britain 76 years and 3 full generations to repopulate itself to its prewar numbers. However, both Paris and Berlin still have not reached their pre-war numbers yet.

– Only 5-10% of wines age well after 1 year. Moreover, only 1% of wines become better after 5. So if you are into wine, there is no real reason to save that bottle for any special occasions any more!

– For its 15th anniversary, Google carried out a statistics survey. The survey revealed that at least 15% of its daily queries have never been repeated throughout the last 15 years. This just shows how incredibly unique and diversified we all really are!

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– Mathematically speaking, when 70 people come together, there is a 99.99% chance that at least 2 of them have a birthday on the same day.

– The surface of the Vatican is 0.44 square km. The proportion of Popes per 1 square km in the Vatican is 2.3!

– Scientists recently discovered that you need 38 minutes to free fall from one pole of the earth to the other.

– Wildlife is diminishing at an incredibly fast pace. Actually, in the last 40 years, earth has lost half the number of its wildlife.

– There are around 3 trillion trees on earth. This number is about 30 times more than the number of starts in the Milky Way!

– 8% of Asian men are actually direct descendants of Genghis Khan. This is based on the fact that Khan’s harem counted several thousand women.

– You can find way more public libraries in the US than McDonalds’ restaurants. (That ‘s excluding school libraries).

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– 90 whole years of your life is less than 5,000 weeks! Can you believe that?

– This one is a bit scary so hold on to your seat belts! 43% of British airline pilots actually confessed to falling asleep during flights you might have been on!

– More tigers live with private owners in the US than they do in the wild.

– Microbial geneticists claim that the earth was purple due to ancient microbes that absorbed the green part of the spectrum, reflecting the red and blue ones.

– Due to soil and water pollution and CO2 omissions, livestock farming does more damage to the environment than transport.

We hope that you have enjoyed our list of unbelievable scientific facts. Let us know which of the facts above shocked you the most in our comment section below!

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