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How Humor Heals Your Body, Mind & Soul

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The importance of humor

Humor, smiles and laughter build the immune system, enhance relationships, fight diseases, spread happiness and prolong life.

Think of smiles and laughter as exercise for your face, neck, diaphragm, stomach and shoulders. As we laugh and smile, more oxygen is pumped into our blood circulation. Laughing and smiling not only improve our body’s blood circulation, but they also speed our breathing and enlarge the blood vessels near the skin’s surface.

When we laugh, every organ in our body is positively influenced.

The intensity of our laughter is determined by the redness of our face when we laugh. This intensity combined with loads of smiles can also help in the process of decreasing calories. Who knew a few smiles and laughs is one trick to lose calories!

Laughing can increase our heart rate, boost metabolic rate and appetite, and expand arteries. This in turn speeds up the burning of calories.

Stress decreases when we smile or laugh because both smiles and laughter activate the happy areas in our brain which immediately direct the activity of the brain towards happiness.

Cortisol is the hormone associated with stress.

This hormone is one the main factors for weight gain and depression. Therefore, laughing stimulates the body’s natural immune system and acts as a painkiller in relieving stress and calming the body.

Smiling is one of the best ways to feel happy and make others feel the same way too. When we smile, people get encouraged to smile back during their interaction with us. This positive reflection we project is one way to reduce stress and calm the body down. The more oxygen and good hormones, such as endorphins, flow in the body the more the chance of a surge of good feelings in our body. As nonverbal facial expressions, smiling and laughing are positive communication tools in strengthening relationships and potential love interests.

Be sure to make humor your daily companion. Smile and laugh more often! And of course, don’t hesitate to share this post with your family, friends & loved ones 🙂 

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Raghad Hadidi

I am a 38 year old lecturer/translator/journalist. I teach business communication and translation at the German Jordanian University.
I was a journalist from 2000-2008. I worked for Gulf news and Seven Days newspapers in Dubai. Before that i was a radio journalist at the United Nations Radio ( Middle East and Africa Department) and i also covered Iraq war live in the field. I enjoy sharing my experience with my students and people in general.


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