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Are You An Exercise Addict? Find Out More Here!

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Warning signs that prove you may be an exercise addict

Addiction comes in many shapes, forms and sizes. You could get addicted to alcohol, nicotine or drugs but did you also know that you could also be an exercise addict?

Well, as shocking as that may sound, it is also true.

After going to the gym 5 days a week for 4 months in a row, I had to stop for 2 weeks. Those were the worst weeks of my life. This made me think of how my symptoms felt like withdrawal. Could I be addicted to the gym? So I hit the internet searching for more information about the topic. To my surprise, there is something called an exercise addiction. And although it is not as bad as being addicted to pills, it is still an addiction after all!

So, if you are wondering why you feel so down when you miss a day at the gym, you must definitely keep reading on as we share with you the warning signs of exercise addiction.

Exercise addict – universal warning signs:

  • Missing a workout makes you irritated

One of the first warning signs of exercise addiction is the chaotic mental state that comes after missing an exercise. So if you notice yourself getting irritated and anxious after missing just one day at the gym, you might be in trouble!

  • You work out no matter how you feel

Do you hit the gym when you are exhausted, injured or sick? This is definitely one of the signs that you are an exercise addict! This is what I do and I know that it’s wrong but still I can’y help it! However, it is very important to listen to your body and what it needs and allow it to rest in between rigorous exercises.

  • You use exercise as an escape

The primary goal of exercise should be to get healthy, balance the mind and reduce stress. However, when you use exercise to escape your reality and avoid certain life situations, you have a problem. Instead, try therapy or even yoga to help you unwind, relax and feel more emotionally balanced.

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  • Your workout is affecting your relationships

My brother is a certified personal trainer. He spends most of his day at the gym exercising or giving private lessons. Sometimes, we don’t hear from him for days or weeks. If you notice yourself spending more time training than focusing on your relationships, you need to take a step back and reevaluate.

  • You ignore other priorities

Are you missing deadlines just to go to the gym? Do you find yourself missing your kids’ activities because you don’t want to miss a class? If your answer is yes to either of these questions, it means you might be an exercise addict.

  • Your happiness is redefined

When you place too much attention on how your body looks and you let it affect your happiness, you are in danger of exercise addiction. Moreover, letting your exercise define your mood for the rest of the day is a warning sign that you may be pushing yourself too hard.

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  • You always extend your workouts

I am guilty of this one too! I often go to the gym for a class and find myself staying longer for another. This is common for exercise addicts who always extend their workouts no matter how hard they have trained that day.

  • You workout excessively & aggressively

Working out too hard is not always a good thing. Actually, it can result in some mental and physical problems in the long-run. However, if you are an exercise addict, you will still workout excessively knowing the consequences.

  • Your exercise is no longer fun

Finally, exercise needs to be fun. When you start feeling like you are doing it as a chore, this might mean that you have an exercise addiction.

Are you an exercise addict or do you know someone who is? Share this post with your friends and make sure they get the most out of their workout while staying healthy and happy! 

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