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How to Beat the Bloat & Get on Top of Your Digestive Health

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Tips to less bloating & better digestive health

The health of your digestive system is incredibly important to your overall health. Moreover, having poor digestive health can bring you loads of discomfort, lower your energy levels and leave you feeling down as well.

So what can you do to keep your digestive system running smoothly? Below are some tips which I hope you will find useful.

Better digestive health in 5 simple tips:

  • Enrich your diet with fibre

Fibre plays a crucial role in aiding with digestion. This is why including it in your diet is very important for a healthy digestive system. However, what many of you don’t know is that there are 2 kinds of fibre and they are both equally essential:

1- Soluble fibre: Such as beans, oats and fruits. These help in digestion by absorbing water and creating a gel-like consistency to help move food in your gut.

2- Insoluble fibre: Such as nuts, whole grains and grains. These add bulk to your stool to help it pass through and carry other waste along with it.

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  • Choose probiotics

Probiotics help your body properly digest and absorb the nutrients in your food intake. When you are low on good bacteria in your got, you are more likely to suffer from problems such as bloating, cramping and constipation. Probiotic rich foods include kefir, natural yoghurt and miso soups.

  • Always pick good fats

Good fats can really help maintain the health of your digestive system by aiding in digestion. However, bat fats can actually slow down your digestive system and cause constipation. This is why it is essential that you limit your intake of fried foods and choose lean meats over fatty ones. Moreover, when you are having a high-fat meal, try to add fibre to it to help speed up digestion.

  • Exercise regularly

Exercise is essential for your digestive health as it stimulates your metabolism as well as your digestive system. Therefore, if you are struggling with constipation, try adding high energy cardio into your exercise routine. Moreover, opt for pilates and yoga which both bend and stretch the abdominal area which helps your digestive system to work optimally.

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  • Avoid stress

Yes I know that this might be easier said than done. However, one of the main culprits of digestive complaints is stress. This is why you need to steer away from it as much as possible. So take time to relax and unwind. Go for walks, read a book or have a nice long bath. All these activities will help lower your stress levels and keep your digestive system healthy and happy.

What other tips can you share with us for a healthier digestive system? Don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below. 

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