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What Happens When You Give Your Face A Break?

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Give your face a break!

Washing your face every day seems the normal hygienic habit to perform every morning. Are we really doing our faces a favor by following this habit? Too much cleansing can actually dry out our skin, especially in arid and desert areas where the air is not moist and the sun is too bright. So how much should one clean his or her face? I think this depends on the climate you live in and the skin texture you have.

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Speaking from a personal experience, I stopped this habit at the age of 20 and discovered many things about my own face in the years to come. The day I began washing my face just twice a week, I noticed a huge difference in the texture of my skin. My skin was no longer experiencing acne and dryness and the natural oil in my skin became more balanced which made my skin more radiant and smooth. Well, as a woman in her 30s I guess the results show even more these days than before. Today, my skin is less dry with minimum wrinkle lines. Is that even possible? Washing my face twice a week has led to this result? Maybe and maybe not. In all cases, I am happy with my skin today which requires minimum care such as washing my face twice a week and applying a normal face moisturizer every morning.

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I suppose too much water on the face can do more harm than good! With the clean open pores, the skin attracts dirt like a magnet. The expanded pores are wide open making oil more prone to dirt and pollution from the air. Sometimes some oil is not too bad for us, especially the natural oil released from our skin which apparently is good for the beauty of our face.

What is your facial beauty regimen? What do you do to take care of your skin? Share with us your tips, tricks and routines in the comment section below. 

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