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4 TV Shows That Went from Good to Bad!

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TV shows that went from good to bad in less than a year!

I love watching series! I ditched movies and replaced them with series and documentaries a few years ago. Although I’m not a movie critic in any way, I can still tell if a show is good or bad. Now I did recently recommend some TV shows for you to watch. However, some of those managed to completely lose their appeal very quickly.

Today, I will share with you the names of those shows and I will tell you my personal opinion about why they became this horrible over a short period of time!

4 TV shows you should reconsider watching:

#1 Arrow

The show that made me fall in love with The Flash has ‘failed this city’! Why? Here’s what I think:

  • No one ever seems to stay dead on this show. No matter how they were killed, they always find their way back!
  • The show has become so predictable you can easily tell what each actor is going to say and do next.
  • The new cast members are a bit childish, indecisive and unfit for their roles.
  • Everyone in the show blames him or herself for everything bad that ever happens around them.
  • Apart from looks, most cast members don’t add much value to the show.

#2 How to get Away with Murder

This show was very interesting when I first started watching it. However, after the second season, well, it just completely lost its appeal and here is why:

  • Every episode needs to hint at people having sex either at the beginning or towards the end.
  • There is a lot of unnecessary girlfriend/boyfriend swapping that takes place.
  • The show focuses too much how to get away with everything more than murder itself.
  • Too many details in the plot are unrealistic and would never ever happen in real life.
  • The personality of cast members is continuously changing to match the storyline.
  • No one ever just drops Annalise’s class and puts all this crap behind them!

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#3 Lucifer

I really had big hopes for this show, but alas, I was mistaken! And here is why:

  • The plot has been used over and over again and Lucifer doesn’t really bring anything new to the table.
  • Lucifer’s relationship with his ‘father’, ‘mother’ and ‘brother’ is too simple and ordinary to be believable.
  • Why would any police department hire someone like Lucifer to help out in investigations?
  • The cast members in general are not famous and the ones who are are not acting like it!

#4 Salem

I read about the Salem witch trials when I was at school. I was very excited to watch the show until I did. Here is why I think this show did not reach its potential:

  • The show was supposed to focus on real life witches, now it’s focusing on the devil and the havoc he will wreak on Salem.
  • Many scenes barely make some sense.
  • Although there are some good actors on the show, the acting is sometimes less than decent.
  • There is a clear misrepresentation of the real storyline.
  • The script is sometimes too weak and the characters often can’t be sympathized with.
  • There is too much unnecessary gore.

What do you think of these TV shows? Are you still enjoying them? What else can you add to my critique? Looking forward to hearing from you in the comment section below. 

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