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10 Interesting Documentaries You Must Watch!

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Got some time? Grab your popcorn and join us

Are you looking for something interesting to watch? Are you bored of TV shows that are more or less the same? If yes, you have come to the right place! Get ready to indulge your senses in some good documentaries that will get you hooked.

10 must watch documentaries:

1- The Killing (2016)

Producer Alex Gibney follows Joshua Zeman and Rachel Mills in their investigation of the unsolved Long Island Serial Killer case. Go on an eery journey with the two documentarians and see learn more about the bizarre case of the ten dead sex workers found on Gilgo Beach.

The Killing 2016
The Killing 2016

 2- 13th

Learn more about the history of the American prison system as Ava DuVernay unveils the roots for racial inequality.

3- Amanda Knox

Suddenly I found myself tossed into this dark place…” Amanda Knox. Learn more about the case of Amanda Knox and her murder conviction back in 2000 as directors Rod Blackhurst and Brian McGinn take a closer look into the events that lead to the murder and those closely involved.  

4- Blackfish

The captivity of killer whales is dangerous for both humans and whales. Take an inside look on how their creatures have been tortured and at what they have endured to bring us shows at Sea World and other attractions.

5- Food. Inc

Do you know how the food we put in your mouths in produced? This disturbing documentary will reveal to you scary and shocking facts you never knew about food. You might actually change your eating habits after watching this one!

6- Hell & Back Again

An honest look of the mental, emotional and physical ramifications on soldiers returning from war. Get inside the minds of soldiers and understand more about what they go through in this stunning visual work by Danfung Dennis.

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7- Into the Inferno

Examine the beauty and dangers of volcanos in the eyes of director Werner Herzog. Watch him travel the corners of the world and explain to you facts about volcanos and the human species.

8- Killing Them Safely

A truly controversial documentary about the excessive use of Taser stun guns by the police. Watch it now on Amazon or iTunes by clicking here.

9- Life Itself

Learn more about the entertaining and surprising life of film critic Roger Ebert. Watch as Steven James captures the final months of the life of this great man. It is funny, painful and transcendent and will keep you on your toes.

10- Room 237

This one goes out to all The Shinning fans out there! Explore with director Rodney Ascher the many various interpretations of The Shinning and get excited about watching it once more!

These are all the documentaries we have for you now! Check us back soon for TV show reviews, must watch movies and much more!

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