Another HUGE Trump Fail: Opinion Piece

Another HUGE Trump Fail
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What I think of the latest Trump fail

After over a year on the campaign trail, Donald Trump has said many controversial things. However, all would agree that his most recent scandal, the Trump fail that beat all fails, has reached a new level of insult to the American public.

Who is the real Trump?

In statements recorded on a ‘hot mic’, Trump has been revealed to have said shocking sexist and misogynistic words towards a female actor of Days of Our Lives back in 2005. It is worth mentioning here that the nominee was 59 years then and had just married his current wife, Melania.

Trump fail repercussions:

Although opinions have been largely formed about the unconventional presidential candidate, this latest leak has been viewed as highly disturbing to many since it throws Trump into a new territory. By saying that as a celebrity women ‘let you do whatever you want‘ and that ‘you can grab women by the p****‘, Trump is actually condoning sexual assault.

It was already strange and new for a presidential candidate to reference a sex tape on Twitter in the wee hours of the morning but this is surely unprecedented in US election history.

My opinion:

As a woman, I am truly appalled to hear such words come out of the mouth of any man, let alone a presidential candidate. In a world where women are still fighting hard for their rights and freedoms, it is a shame that such a man would even be considered as a paper shredder at a public office, not a president who will be running an entire country.

A few months ago, I wrote a post fearing that the American dream was being flushed down the drain. I followed that up with a piece about my suspicions that Trump was actually behind the photo leaks of his half naked wife. After reading the latest news, I fear that the good American people will be in deep trouble if Trump ends up being president. I might be wrong, but I also might be right. But who am I to judge?

This clip conveys how I feel right now:

What do you think of this latest Trump fail? Do you still support Trump after his latest scandal? Is his apology enough to restore America’s faith in what he stands for? Do you still think he is a better candidate that Clinton? Please share with us your opinion in the comment section below.  

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