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Alicia Keys: The #NoMakeup Movement Continues

Alicia Keys - #nomakeup movement
Alicia Keys - #nomakeup movement

Alicia Keys wears her no make up face proudly at the VMAs…

If you have missed MTV’s Video Awards this year, you have surely missed out on a lot! Though you usually would expect Kim Kardashian flaunting her curvy body with minimal clothing, Kanye West dressed in a casual t-shirt and Ariana Grande wearing her her up in a ponytail, Alicia Keys was the one with a surprise for all!

The star went to the awards wearing no makeup at all as part of her anti makeup movement (read her letter time to uncover). And there she was, on stage, presenting the awards for best male video, looking as natural and unglamorous as ever yet fully embracing it.

Alicia Keys at the VWAs
Alicia Keys at the VWAs

Alicia Keys: Beyond the face paint

Over two months ago, Alicia Keys began her journey towards a life that goes beyond face paint. Her idea was to show that women could be strong and confident without the need for makeup.

‘I worried about having to wear make up every day. What if someone caught me on camera with no makeup?’

However, when a photographer insisted on taking pictures of her with no makeup, it was then that Alicia realized that she did not want to cover up her face anymore or hide behind her makeup. This is when the #nomakeup movement began.

‘I didn’t want to feel nervous or uncomfortable with my face raw’

Moreover, Alicia is determined to stick with her new found beauty for a while, hoping it could change the way women view themselves and shed some light on the inner beauty and confidence rather than the fake beauty that money can buy.

Opinions & thoughts…

I have always been a fan of Alicia Keys; her voice, her beauty and her humbleness. Yes, it is true that she looks more glamorous in makeup, but so do most people out there. It is very brave of her to pursue this movement with such passion and determination. I hope it really helps women feel comfy in heir own skin, without having to hide behind foundation, mascara and other ‘beauty‘ products.

What do you think? Share with us your thoughts below.  

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