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A Story of Hope: Syrian Refugees Musical Performance

A Story of Hope by Syrian Refugees
A Story of Hope by Syrian Refugees

Bringing hope to Syrian kids all around the world…

After a year of training, SAWA is bringing you ‘A Story of Hope’; a multi-talent performance by Syrian refugees. The kids will be leaving the camps for the first time ever to tell their tales and fill your heart with smiles and hope.

From drama to acrobats, music, magic tricks and crafts, 42 enthusiastic Syrian children will captivate your heart with an uplifting and impressive combination of artistic forms.

Where? Beirut at the Lebanese American University.

When? August 28,2016 at 6:00 p.m.

Don’t forget to book the date!

A Story of Hope by Syrian Refugees:

After long months of rehearsing, refugee children in Bekaa reach out to the world to send a message of peace and harmony and share their culture and heritage. Equally, the kids are determined to show their resilience and capabilities to the International community and Lebanese society.

About SAWA?

Sawa for Development & Aid (SDAID), is a Lebanese NGO represented by its founder and director Dr.Rouba Mhaissen.

At the end of 2011, the youth initiative was founded to fulfill the needs of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. SDAID was among the first initiatives on the ground, encompassing a big number of academics, students as well as businessmen of diverse nationalities and backgrounds. These individuals were brought together by a common goal: providing humanitarian relief and development and raising the living standards of Syrian refugees and others in need.

One picture can truly say a thousand words...
One picture can truly say a thousand words…

Musical education at SAWA’s educational centers:

After 5 years of war and misery, Syria’s ‘lost generation‘ is left uneducated, traumatized and in desperate need of urgent care. Correspondingly, SAWA realized that music can be a true a refuge for children. Research findings about the psychological benefits of music report increased happiness, reduced stress and depression, as well as increased competence, hope and optimism.

Additionally, research shows that children who are involved in music programs grow up to have lower addiction rates, better academic performance, together with a better readiness for college and work life.

The Harmonic Education Program:

To make a real difference in the lives of students, SAWA teamed up with Kentara FoundationProf. Nigel Osborne and Driss Ben-Brahim to introduce music, arts, sports and technology to their Retention Support Centers (RSC) in Bekaa.
To sum up, be sure to join the event and help us spread the word about this beautiful and heart warming event.

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