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Turkish Coffee: The Magic & The Buzz!

Turkish coffee
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Turkish coffee magic

The morning buzz everyone seeks and craves is definitely one sip of coffee. But is it just any coffee? Not really since it only takes one kind of coffee to real kick into my system. This coffee is Turkish coffee.

What makes Turkish coffee so special? This coffee definitely has a magical effect on me. Magical effect? Well, let me start with my first relationship with this coffee. I was never a fan of coffee up until my 20s when I first drank a small cup of Turkish coffee.

I can still remember that first sip. The taste of cardamom with a sharp caffeine smack was all it took for me to get hooked. This then moved on to the mystical feeling I got whenever I finished the cup and began reading the images from the coffee residue.

Well as a tea leaf reader, I never knew I would end up reading coffee residue. As a spiritual reader, I began to enjoy the images I saw in the Turkish coffee and share special moments with people and connections. This cup was no longer just my morning buzz but it became my social passing time.

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Reading these images was more of an art that made me feel happy and relaxed. Do I predict the future? Probably not but I sure try to spread hope and positive symbols during my readings. So basically this cup is my way to bond with people and share my positive energy with them during social gatherings. The images I usually see make people laugh and lead to diverse conversations they never thought about bringing up.

I guess I can say this cup is a social connector and for sure a conversation initiator during social gatherings.

According to many people in this region, Turkish coffee is the only coffee that really wakes them up. I can definitely relate to them since its smell and sharp taste sure work magic in the mornings.

Have you ever tasted Turkish coffee? If not, in the video below you’ll find all you need to know about how to make the perfect cup.


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I was a journalist from 2000-2008. I worked for Gulf news and Seven Days newspapers in Dubai. Before that i was a radio journalist at the United Nations Radio ( Middle East and Africa Department) and i also covered Iraq war live in the field. I enjoy sharing my experience with my students and people in general.


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