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How Can You Spot Phony People in Your Life?

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Warning signs that you are dealing with phony people

These days, it is becoming extremely difficult to find true, genuine people to surrounded yourself with. Instead, you often end up meeting fake and phony people with ulterior motives.

Now although we all naturally enjoy spending time with honest and straight forward individuals, we also need to be prepared to deal with those on the other side of the spectrum.

So how do you spot a fraud and a liar? What are the signs you should look out for to be able to make better informed decisions when choosing to spend time with him/her? Read more here to find out.

Spotting phony people 101:

  • They are “nice” with everyone

Regardless of how great of a person you may be, there is no way that you can click with everyone. A person who is constantly trying to be friendly with anyone around is probably faking it. Why? Because fake people have this need to please everyone to their own benefit. However, they will only truly respect and pay attention to those who can benefit them in return.

  • They feel superior to others

Phony people often feel superior to others but work super hard to hide it. To them, everything is a competition and they will always compare themselves to you to make sure that they are better at everything.

  • They make false promises

Have you ever had a friend who promised you to be always be there and then when things got difficult they vanished into thin air? I’m sure you did and trust me you are better off without him/her. Fake people will always tell you what you want to here however they will never keep their word or their promise to you.

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  • They constantly talk about others

Gossip is yet another trademark of a fake person. He/she will talk badly about others to you whenever the occasion allows. However, this means that they can easily talk about you behind your back as well.

  • They are attention seekers

Phony people are selfish and self-involved. They truly believe that the whole world revolves around them. Within a group setting, the fake person will probably be the loudest and cockiest one of all. He/she will probably brag about what they have done to get the attention and validation they so desperately crave.

  • They avoid eye contact

Initiating and maintaining eye contact with others is a sign of sincerity and honesty. When it comes to fake people, they often avoid eye contact or at least avoid initiating it. That’s especially true when they don’t find you beneficial enough to pursue a relationship with you.

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  • They criticize everyone & everything

While genuine people will find ways to appreciate you for who you are and what you have done, frenemies, on the other hand, will always look for ways to bring you down and criticize you. Moroever, their jealousy motivates them to make you feel bad about yourself and they secretively feed upon your pain and misery.

  • They are excessively friendly

There is a difference between being friendly and being overly friendly. Phony people are too friendly and use their smile to hide their true colors. Moreover, they can often make you feel uncomfortable with their constant seemingly warm attitude when in fact it’s just a facade to mask their real intentions.

Have you ever had a fake friend? Where you able to spot him/her before they got the best of you? Share with us your experience in the comment section below. 

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