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How to Pick & Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

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Tips for picking realistic resolutions for the coming year

It is easy to sit down and make a list of all the things you want to achieve the coming year. However, as the new year progresses, you find out that most of the resolutions you’ve picked have been abandoned or completely unattempted. Does this sound familiar to you? It sure does to me!

So how can you pick resolutions that you can actually achieve? What are the best ways to ensure that you don’t lose sight of your goals and check them off your list before the end of the year? Let’s explore the answers for these questions together.

Picking & achieving your resolutions:

  • Pick a new resoltion

When you choose the same resolution that you have previously failed to achieve, you are only setting yourself up to fail again. So instead, choose something you have never tried before. Start fresh, be creative and get inspired.

  • Try choosing one resolution at a time

Even if you think there is so much you can do for your personal self-improvement, avoid creating a crammed list of things you want to achieve. Rather, try focusing on one resolution a year. The more energy you put in achieving one resolution, the more likely you are to actually achieve it.

Example: Instead of committing to sleeping well, eating well and exercising regularly, choose one of those to start with and then you can move on to the others.

  • Choose a specific resolution

The more vague your resolutions are, the less likely you are to achieve them. On the other hand, specific goals are easier to act upon and achieve. So make sure your resolution is clear and easy to measure.

Example: Instead of having a vague resolution such as “make new friends”, go for “make 1 or 2 new friends from the gym”.

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  • Put your passion to the test

If your resolution does not inspire you, you are more likely to abandon it. This is why it is important to find what you are passionate about and start working towards it. Think about your favorite life experiences, things that inspire you and use those to create a resolution that you will be motivated to work towards.

  • Emphasize actions not results

Identifying what you want to change in your life is easy. However, identifying how you will make that change is the difficult part. If you want your resolution to be effective, you need to focus on the actions you will take in order to make them happen.

Example: Instead of saying “I’m going to find my dream job”, say “I’m going to add [X skills] to my CV and apply to [X number] of jobs.

  • Align your resolution with your values

How would you like to contribute to the world? How can you grow and strengthen important relationships in your life? These are examples of 2 questions you can ask yourself when trying to pick out a resolution for the coming year. Remember: when your resolutions are intimately connected to your values and life plan, they become more achievable.

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  • Think big but start small

We are often tempted to make life-changing resolutions only to end up giving up. However, when you choose a smaller and simpler resolution, you are less likely to get disappointed. Be honest with yourself about how realistic your goals are and make sure your goals are meaningful and attainable. Furthermore, try breaking your resolution into steps or subgoals over a timeline that you are more likely to stick to.

  • List all the likely obstacles

There are several obstacles and constraints that might come in between you and your goals. Take the time to carefully list all of those challenges, inconveniences and obstacles and assess them to test whether or not your resolution is realistic or far-fetched.

  • Give yourself time

The beginning of the new year is not exactly the right time to decide what your resolutions should be. You should give yourself plenty of time to pick out the right ones to ensure they are specific, realistic, manageable and attainable. A good time to set things into motion is during the Christmas holidays.

  • Ask for help

One of the best ways to make sure that you stick to your goals is through accountability. Moreover, accountability is helpful especially when you are intrinsically motivated. So be sure to share your plans with a friend or a family member and ask them to help you stay on track.

What are your new year’s resolutions? Do you think you will follow them through? We look forward to your feedback in the comment section below. 

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