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Lemon & Coffee: The Perfect Weight Loss Tip?

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Adding Lemon to Coffee: A Weight Loss Tip or a Bedouin health Remedy?

A traditional Bedouin remedy for stomach ache is the first thing I think about when I relate lemon to coffee. In the past Bedouins added lemon to coffee to ease stomach aches and stop diarrhea. This holistic remedy has been used long before people began to talk about how lemon and coffee combined leads to weight loss. Commercializing this holistic traditional remedy has made this combination a marketing trend that many diet fanatics have used as a tip for weight loss.

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The benefits of lemon are numerous as we all know but adding coffee to this Vitamin C filled fruit is definitely a bonus.

How does this coffee mix work?

Coffee is known to be the most popular stimulant that signals the brain to burn fat cells in our body. This stimulation boosts our body and enables us to feel energetic for long hours throughout the day. The active properties in coffee such as theobromine, theophylline and chlorogenic acid are effective antioxidant properties in aiding in the weight shedding process. Adding lemon to these properties helps detoxify the body by cleansing it through enhancing the digestive process. As a result, your body absorbs carbohydrates and your body releases the wastes stored in it.

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How to prepare this mix?

First you bring ground brewed coffee and add cardamom to it. And then you add hot water to this blend. After the water settles in the hot cup, add pieces of fresh lemon to it. Let the mix simmer until the cup is warm for you to drink. Although the taste is not one of the best but the benefits of this traditional Bedouin blend can go a long way in facilitating the digestive process in our body while boosting our energy and easing unexpected stomach aches.

Have you ever tried adding lemon to your coffee? Try it and let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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  • I have never tried it . I can drink both coffee and lemon separately and yet have the same results I hope. I mostly use lemon with food. Last time I used lemon with mallow leaf dish that i made. Unfortunately my stomach acted funny next day like it did not accept it since I rarely eat it.