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Lanna Zakaria: Businesswoman, Personal Trainer & Gym Freak

Lanna Zakaria
Meet Lanna

Happy International Women’s Day!

Our first inspiration for this section was Dina Saoudi and we are honored to have featured part of her story here!

Now allow me to introduce you to my second inspiration: Lanna Zakaria. Join me as we learn more about this interesting woman, who she is, what she does, her goals and interests. And together, let’s find out how she is able to sustain her aura of serenity despite her long and demanding working hours.

Who is Lanna Zakaria?

It’s quite hard to describe myself. But I’d say that I am a motivated and ambitious woman who loves life and tries to experience happiness, health and pleasure to the fullest.

‘Lanna is true with herself and others. She is practical, caring, positive and always there for you in the best and worst time. She is also always happy!’

What do you do in life?

I am currently a Chief Dealer in the Treasury Department at Cairo Amman Bank and an EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) trainer at Club20 Gym. I start my day job at 8 a.m. and finish at 4 p.m. Then I go to the gym and proceed to my EMS sessions which usually finish at around 9:30 p.m.

‘Having Lanna Zakaria in my life is a blessing. A person who respects you, encourages you, believes in you and stands by you.’

So do you have any social life whatsoever?

Of course I do! I make it a habit to go out and see my friends almost every day. Even if I’m half asleep!

How was it being a female in the sports field?

My time in the sports field started off in 1997 as a basketball player all the way to training and coaching for national teams. It was an overwhelming experience to be a female, managing between studies, social life and work. At many times, I felt that I was failing but persistence and the realization that I was working towards my ambitions and goals helped me get back on my feet and continue doing what I love.

‘Lanna is very determined; she knows what she wants and goes after it regardless the difficulties ahead!’

‘She is a motivating and experienced athlete. Also, she is very friendly yet professional.’

As a woman, what are the hardships you face living in the Middle East?

I must admit I was very lucky to have had little hardships along the way as I was receiving many recommendations and compliments for being one of few females keen on sports in the region. Moreover, I participated in many training camps and succeeded in a lot of matches. This earned me a lot of appreciation from those around me.

‘A friendly, trustworthy and informative coach. That’s how I see Lanna and these qualities mean a lot!’

How do you manage to keep a positive outlook on life?

You only live once. So I choose to live wisely. My goal is to guide people through their journey. To facilitate and develop their physical well-being. To ensure that every person I meet has the chance and opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle.

‘Lanna is a vibrant lady with the highest affection to sports and well being. She does it in style!’

Thank you Lanna Zakaria for allowing us to get an inside look into your life.

Israa Thiab is next on the list. Visit us back soon to know more about her story.

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