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What Are the Advantages of Inclusive Education?

inclusive education
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4 Benefits of Inclusive Education

In our modern society, inclusion in education is becoming more and more popular in schools. That is due to the multiple advantages and very few disadvantages that come together with it. The inclusive education method supports that all children, with or without disabilities, must be in the same classroom. The main theory of inclusion is that children with disabilities will benefit in a mainstream classroom. Also, the inclusion model explains that special schools should be discarded, since they create a world especially tailored for children with special educational needs (SEN), something that does not prepare them for real life situations.

Below we simply explain four crucial advantages of inclusion in schools:

  • Social Behavior

Firstly, mainstream classrooms have a standard level of acceptable social behavior. That will benefit children with SEN by simply being in the classroom. They will experience behaviors that are appropriate for society, as well as behavior that is not proper or acceptable. Furthermore, their classmates could act as role models to them, assisting them with how to behave and what to avoid.

  • Achievements

Children without disabilities tend to aim higher as far as academic achievements are concerned. They are able to set their own personal goals. On the other hand, children with SEN are sometimes unable to set goals for educational achievements. Teachers in inclusion classrooms allow every child to aim for the same educational goal. That benefits children with SEN by allowing them to utilize their full potential by aiming higher than ever before.

  • Teaching Styles

It is well-known that inclusion classrooms require multiple teaching methods. Teachers need to be able to adapt their teaching style based on the needs of their pupils. Inclusion classrooms have a wide variety of children, each one with its own unique needs and need of support. Every child in the classroom will benefit from the different learning styles, since they will expose their weaknesses. Consequently, students can focus on improving the area that they are lacking, hence also boosting their self-esteem.

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  • Inclusion Society

Finally, one of the most important advantages of an inclusive classroom is the life lessons that every child will learn. Inclusive classrooms prepare children for an inclusive world. Children with SEN understand how the ‘real world‘ will function once they are adults. Children without disabilities learn to help children with SEN without hesitation or discrimination. Moreover, inclusive classrooms foster meaningful friendships, by allowing every child to see how SEN affects their friends and classmates. Their shared experiences and the fruitful inclusion method will act as a foundation for their future.

Finally, what is your personal opinion about inclusive education? Are you with or against it? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below. 

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My name is Emmanouil Mastorakis and I have a BA in Childhood Studies. The reason behind my choice of study is my personal experiences that drove and inspired me to become a teacher for children with SEN. My dream is to built my own private school and offer a safe environment for children to spend their day in learn while having fun.


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