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The Dark Truth Behind Image Reshaping

image reshaping
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What you need to know about image reshaping

Cosmetic surgery (i.e, image reshaping) is the one of the biggest professions sought after nowadays. Many people have written about the pros and cons about this field, but we rarely read about the dark secrets behind this profession.

Why do people feel insecure about their image? We live in a fast paced world where taking the perfect selfie is the focus and priority for many mobile users. The obsession of taking the perfect picture with zero imperfections is the goal of every selfie taker. The imperfections we see through a lens are the driving force towards people thinking of cosmetic surgery and therefore undergoing cosmetic enhancements.

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Does this profession pause a serious psychological risk for both the doctor and patient? Of course it does, since not only the patient is haunted by this image reshaping obsession but also the surgeon conducting such sensitive surgeries. Hence, the risks of going under a knife are equally important as those of risks surgeons take the moment they operate. The dark sides of cosmetic surgery for both surgeons and patients are listed below:

The dark side of cosmetic surgery for surgeons:

  • One medical complication can end a career.
  • Imprisonment by judicial system.
  • Malpractice fine.
  • Psychological obsession with perfectionism.
  • Guilt of losing a life.
  • Haunting horrors of the ghosts of those who died.

As for the patients:

  • High costs.
  • Pain.
  • Longer recovery time.
  • Possibility of death or deformation.
  • Depression due to unsatisfying results.
  • Obsession with fixing other image imperfections.

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This dark side of cosmetic surgery is often temporary overshadowed by the short- lived happiness both doctors and patients experience after one cosmetic procedure is conducted. For both, this short-lived happiness is in the form of: Increased self-confidence and self-esteem.

On the other hand, sometimes cosmetic surgery is necessary for health related issues such as obesity and posture problems as a result of oversized breasts.

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