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Want Happiness? Ditch Possessions & Focus on Experiences

possessions vs. experiences
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Reasons why you need to spend more money on experiences

Let’s not kid ourselves here: Fancy cars, TVs and jewelry will make you happy. However, they won’t draw a smile on your face when you remember them as opposed to that awesome trip you took with your friends 3 years ago. This is why, if you really want to be happy, you need to spend more of your money on experiences rather than possessions.

But how will that make you a happier version of yourself? Read more here to find out!

Why choose experiences over possessions?

  • Happiness over material things is short lived 

Adaptation is one of the enemies of happiness. Yes it’s true that buying new things makes us happy. However, this happiness is often short lived and often ends as soon as we adapt to what we bought. On the other hand, your experiences will always and forever be a part of you and your identity. Remembering your experiences will often bring you greater satisfaction.

  • Experiences help define your purpose & passions

The best way to go on with your life is by defining it through purpose and passion. Material possessions will never help you do that while experiences can. Imagine this: your favorite band is Coldplay and you have all their albums and even some of their posters and t-shirts. If you find out they are playing in a city where you could easily go, wouldn’t you give up all those memorabilia to go and here them play live?

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  • Possessions don’t add to your social interactions

As opposed to material things, we consume experiences within social interactions with other people. Once those experiences are over, they live on in our memories and the stories we tell about them. Let’s go back to Coldplay again. It is easier to bond with a fellow Coldplay fan you meet in a concert than have an interesting conversation with someone over cars and gadgets. Don’t you agree?

  • Moments are more memorable than things

Let me ask you this: How many times did you buy something you really wanted and forgot about it after a few weeks or even days? I do that more often than not! However, experiences start with anticipation and end in long lasting memories. This means that they are more meaningful and memorable, which in turn makes them much more valuable.

  • Experiences introduce you to new worlds

While driving a fancy car that everyone wants is thrilling to a certain extent, you will never derive a sense of fulfillment from owning it. On the other hand, experiences can introduce you to new worlds and can open up your eyes to new cultures, traditions and even perspectives. Moroever, experiences such as travel often make you more humble, thoughtful, compassionate and grateful.

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  • Having much stuff can lead to stuffocation!

You can never ever have too much experiences. However, you can always have too much stuff just sitting there collecting dust! Actually, some studies have found that the more stuff you have, the more stressed you can be. This funny clip below about stuff by George Carlin explains it all:

  • Having more material things causes more envy

Spending more money on experiences can definitely decrease envious behavior. Why? Because it is easier for us to compare things that we own to what other people have. While it is harder to compare and contrast experiences and feel envious about them. This means that with less material things, you are more likely to be healthier and happier.

Finally, what makes YOU happier? Things or experiences? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.  

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