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Why Are People More Attracted to Visual Marketing?

visual marketing
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Reasons we are wired for visual marketing?

Learning to unlearn is one of the most important lessons you can learn in life. This is especially true when it comes to marketing. Long ago, we used to use traditional marketing to capture audience attention and spread awareness. Those days are almost gone for good. Now, content marketing and visual marketing are key to the success and growth of your business. And, they are here to stay!

But why use visuals for marketing? What makes them so powerful and able to drive impact? Let’s explore this interesting topic here together.

Why visual marketing works:

  • Our brain processes information visually

As people, we remember 20% of what we read. However, we recall 80% of what we see and do. By combining relevant images with text, you increase the chances of people remembering your message by 650%!

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  • Real photos capture more attention

By using photos of real people for marketing products or services, your chances to capture your audience’s attention increases by 35%. This is why you should use photos of employees, customers and even founders in your marketing efforts. This makes you seem more credible and approachable to your customers. Moreover, it can dramatically produce higher conversion rates on your site or social media channels.

  • Colors are very visually appealing

Visuals with colors motivate people to go through your content. When you use different colors to display your content and other elements in your ad, you are more likely to increase brand recognition, brand recall as well as comprehension and readership.

  • Our brains love stimulation

Reading a piece of content with no pictures decreases chances of people remembering that content. However, when you add pictures to your content, people are more likely to recall it days after reading it. Moreover, since 81% of people only skim through content, adding pictures or videos in your content increases the chances of your customers noticing and recalling the important information you are sharing.

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  • Visual information is more easily understood

We process information with visuals 60,000 times faster than we do text. Furthermore, it takes us up to 2 times as long to process and recognize words as opposed to images. This makes visual marketing a very powerful tool for helping customers recognize, recall and retain information.

Do you use visual marketing to capture your audience’s attention? Why do you do so? We would love to hear your thoughts and insights in our comment section below. 

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  • It is true that one image or several images ( slide show ) can describe a fascinating experience better than thousands of words . I have watched experts talk while showing visuals in a way that they talk more which was disappointing to me as they should be more harmonic to visuals to perform an intelligent combination which reduces words and time. For visual marketing to be more powerful I think the more it touches the future image of what we can believe is our unstoppable destiny rather than an option that we may or may not take.