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How to Utilize User Generated Content for Business Growth

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The importance of user generated content in supporting marketing efforts

When designing your marketing strategy, focusing on content is key to increasing engagement, driving sales and promoting growth. However, since it is wildly unrealistic to expect a business to pump out original content on a daily basis, you must rely on user generated content (UGC).

But what is UGC? And how can it improve your marketing efforts? Let’s explore this very interesting topic together.

What is user generated content?

UGC is any content form such as videos, reviews, digital images, blogposts or audio files created by users and made publicly available to everyone. Simply put, it is any information shared online about your brand by anyone other than your brand.

Furthermore, UGC has proven to be more trustworthy to consumers than traditional advertising. This makes it a very lucrative opportunity for brands seeking to increase awareness, build rapport and drive sales.

How can UGC improve your marketing strategy’s effectiveness?

  • It builds up your credibility

Let’s assume you have two product reviews. One was written by a fellow consumer and the other by the brand itself. Which one would you trust more or find more reliable? The answer is usually the customer’s review. This makes sharing your customer’s reviews, photos and videos of your products a great and effective way to build credibility.

Moreover, showing how your products has benefited other users also humanizes your brand and makes it more relatable. In return, this will help you increase sales and grow your business.

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  • It drives more engagement

Coupling email marketing with UGC is another tested way to drive engagement on social media. When using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, for your contests and campaigns, your users’ videos and photos will immediately bolster your brand’s visibility. So instead of spending too much time, effort and money on traditional marketing efforts, you now have higher brand engagement and exposure.

  • It helps foster a community

Social media has made consumers much more powerful than ever before. Actually, one bad review about a product or service can irreversibly damage your brand’s reputation. While, on the other hand, an excellent review can benefit your business beyond any paid marketing strategies or tactics. To gain brand visibility, you need to turn your customers into brand advocates. Once your customers are sharing their experiences with your brand, you can build rapport with them by showing them the benefits of using your product.

Furthermore, as your customers share their experiences about you, these experiences will turn into stories and these stories will play a big part in attracting new customers.

Finally, what is your take on user generated content? How important do you think they are for generating leads and driving sales? We are looking forward to hearing from you in the comment section below! 

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