How to Thank Customers for Choosing Your Business

Thank your customers
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Memorable ways to thank customers & build loyalty

More often than not, actions do speak louder than words. When thinking about growing your business and building customer loyalty, you need to use both words and actions to thank your customers and show them gratitude for choosing you.

In this post, I will share with you 10 memorable and outstanding ways for thanking your customers. Remember: your every attempt at giving thanks needs to be personalized, relevant and above all sincere.

10 ways to thank your customers:

  • Write a thank you note

This is the oldest trick in the book. However, in this case the phrase old is gold applies very well. Go old school and handwrite a note to show your customers you appreciate them. As simple as it is, it remains to be a very effective way to show gratitude and make your customer’s day.

  • Teach them something new

Knowledge is power. So why don’t you use this to our advantage by sharing tips, news and information about your business, product, service or industry. You can do this through a white paper, your blog or a webinar if you run an online business. Or you can host events and invite your customers to them if you have a physical store.

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  • Wow them

When was the last time one of your customers was so impressed with something you did that he shouted about it from the rooftops? Wowing your customers through exceptional customer service shows your gratitude and also makes them want to talk about your business to anyone willing to listen. It’s a win-win situation!

  • Start a loyalty program

Who doesn’t love loyalty programs? I, for one, am a sucker for them! Create a loyalty program and invite your VIP customers to join it. Use your program to offer your customer valuable rewards and make them feel loved and appreciated. An example of an effective loyalty program is one that offers annual discounts on anniversaries.

  • Reward online engagement

Your social media savvy customers play a big role in building awareness about your business. They deserve to get credit for it. So go ahead and reward those customers for checking in. Offer them special promotions and exclusive discounts that none of your offline customers have access to. Moreover, be available to them online and be sure you answer their questions and help them when they need it.

  • Feature your VIP customers

Take the time to find and contact your most loyal customers. Profess your love to them by featuring them on your site or social media channels. This will make your customers feel valued and will also make them proud of doing business with you.

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  • Send them a treat

Can I tell you a secret? I have always secretively wished that one of the companies I do business with would send me a treat! Cookies would be just right! However, that never happened and I lost hope. Don’t disappoint your clients by taking them for granted. Instead, send them a nicely packaged box of cookies or even a jar of candies to show them you care.

  • Offer them surprise upgrades

Do you remember that time you checked in your favorite hotel and got an unexpected upgrade on your room? I know I do! It was such a pleasant surprise that I shared it on my Facebook and talked to friends and family about it. So go ahead, do the unexpected and get credit for it!

  • Appreciate feedback & show it

Many customers never provide their feedback because they think no one is listening. Reach out to your customers after they give you heir feedback and let them know that you’ve implemented their suggestions. Make your customers feel that there is an open line of communication between you at all times.

  • Offer discounts

Another way to thank your customers and show your appreciation for their business is by giving them discounts every now and then. It is easy and simple to do whether you run a brick-and-mortar-shop or an e-commerce website. Just surprise them by taking off a certain percentage of the bill at checkout.

What other tips, strategies and tactics do you use to win over customers? We would love to hear from you in our comment section below.   

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