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How to Convince Your Audience to Take Action

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Tips for persuading your audience to take action

The goal of each of your marketing campaigns should be to convince your audience to take action. This action can be:

  • Getting users to download an app.
  • Adding new subscribers to your channels.
  • Generating new sales.
  • Driving traffic to your landing page.
  • Creating social proof.

However, things don’t always go as planned and sometimes your audience need a bit of extra persuasion.

So what can you do to get higher conversion rates and increase your profits? How can you persuade your audience to take a specific action while running your marketing campaigns? Read more here to find out.

How to convince your audience to take action:

  • Accept criticism

Everyone makes mistakes. No matter how hard you try, you will end up doing something that your audience will not like or accept. This is why accepting criticism is a great tool for persuasion as it shows your audience that you are humble, reasonable and open minded.

For example, if you get a negative comment about one of your blog posts, approve it and then find a way to reposition your argument with a positive angle.

You can also use live streaming to converse with your audience in real time and have interesting discussions using opposing opinion.

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  • Be agreeable

If you want to put in less work, you can always find ways to get your audience to agree with you. To do this, you need to make obvious statements or claims they will agree with. You want to use arguments that get your audience nodding in agreement right off the bat.

Once you get your audience hooked, it is time to convince them to take action.

You can use this tactic when blogging or when talking to someone face to face.

  • Present evidence

When people don’t know you, it’s hard to convince them to do something just by asking them to.

While your friends and family members might believe everything you say, your audience may be a skeptical at times. To put them at ease, you need to fight their skepticism with evidence.

For example, if you want to convince your audience to read news on Facebook, telling them to do so alone is not enough. However, if you use data, figures, stats and graphs to show your audience that many people get their news from social media platforms, you are more likely to get the results you want.

Remember: Images paired with data are retained for longer times than just data presented alone.

  • Limit choices

Are you trying to get your audience to buy a product? If so, you need to limit their options. Why? Because offering your audience hundreds of choices will probably confuse them and that’s called the paradox of choice.

You can understand more about this concept in the video below:

  • Know your audience

To persuade your audience to take action, you must know them very well. This means you need to know which social media platforms they use and then create content they will value and enjoy.

Let’s say your audience are mainly men, what would captivate them and get their attention the most? Maybe images of attractive women? Use those images in your ads and marketing campaigns.

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  • Use repetition

Sometimes your marketing campaign won’t work from the first time. That’s ok. However, instead of throwing it out and dismissing it completely, you might need to use it a few more times before it sticks.

If I mention the following phrase: “Just do it“. Which company do you automatically remember? I’m sure you know. The reason why you remember it is because the company uses it repeatedly that now it is stuck in your brain.

This applying to a lot of marketing efforts including shopping cart abandonment emails. Reminding your audience of their abandoned shopping cart is more likely to result in a sale than not doing anything about it.

  • Be clear

The last thing you want to do is have an ambiguous call to action. Moreover, you want to avoid speaking in tongues or using complex terms your audience does not understand.

Avoid being deceptive and going around in circles. Make sure that your message is clear and straight to the point.

  • Tell a great story

Rather than spending time focusing on the action you want your audience to take, tell them a captivating story that will entice them to take action.

Your stories should trigger an emotional response in your audience so make sure it is relatable and easily digested.

Furthermore, be sure to share your stories on your social media channels to get people buzzing about them.

  • Speak with confidence

Finally, to close a deal and make a sale, you need to speak with confidence. If you don’t, your audience will pick that up immediately and this will negatively affect your conversion rates.

Make it a point to speak with authority. Relax and present yourself as an expert on the topic.

The below TED talk will help teach you how to master the skill of self confidence.

What other tactics are you using to persuade your audience to take action? How do you make your CTAs attractive and engaging to your audience? We look forward to your valuable insights and feedback in our comment section below. 

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  • Thanks for a very inspiring tactics. If I could persuade any audience to take action i would not tell which tactic was most effective. After I make success for years i would put it in a book and make myself more successful 🙂