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How to Be Successful at SMS Lead Generation

SMS lead generation
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How to become a pro at SMS lead generation

It should come as no surprise that your audience interacts differently with SMS than they do with other forms of communication. Moroever, since people prefer conversations over promotions when using SMS, you need to find effective ways to become more successful at SMS lead generation.

So how can you use texting to market your products/services to your audience? What tips and strategies do you need to employ to achieve lead-generation success via SMS? Today we will be sharing with you five simple yet highly powerful tips to help you generate leads through mobile messaging.

Tips for successful SMS lead generation:

First of all, we need to define the 3 things that make lead generation through texting so unique:

  1. People are seeking conversations rather than promotions.
  2. Text messages are an easier way to fill out online forms.
  3. Your audience will interact differently with texts than other forms of communication.

Armed with this knowledge, here are 5 ways you can expedite sales using SMS:

  • Make texting readily available

If you want SMS lead generation to work for you, you need to let people know that it’s their first option. To achieve that, you have to ensure that your text number (or click to text button) is easy to find. This means that your SMS number should be available on your homepage, landing pages, print materials, AdWord ads, Google listings and social media pages.

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  • Focus on your call-to-action

When using text to attract your audience, your CTA is very important. You need to focus on your copy, the button and other elements related to your call-to-action. Moreover, you need to pay special attention to variables such as colors and phrasing to deliver the best messages possible. Two easy tactics you can employ are 1) Text us for a demo, 2) Text us for an estimate (or a quotation).

  • Use SMS to quality potential leads

Texting your leads can lead to higher conversion rates than calling them. Furthermore, almost 99% of messages are read and 45% of texts get responses within 90 seconds on average. With this in mind, you can easily use SMS to convert visits -> leads -> opportunities -> customers.

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  • Create a process for SMS leads

Getting leads is only half the battle. To win at this game, you need to actively follow up as well. To do this right, you need to map out the process for handling SMS leads. You aslo need to keep the following tactics in mind:

  1. Be very responsive.
  2. Use clear and customized messages.

The more personable your messages are, the higher are your chances to succeed at SMS lead generation. This also applies to how fast you respond to problems and questions.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of a comprehensive SMS strategy

As a business, you need mobile messaging to attract more mobile viewers, target millennials and convert more leads at a faster rate. If you want to succeed at mobile marketing, you need to get on board and you need to do it fast. The first step towards achieving this is creating a comprehensive SMS strategy and employing it. Failing to do so will result in you missing out on a big piece of the mobile marketing cake!

What do you think of SMS lead generation? Have you tried adding it to your marketing strategy? We look forward to hearing from you in our comment section below. 

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