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How to Keep Sales Innovation on the Right Track

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Tips for turning sales innovation into a lucrative opportunity

Regardless of your business size, specialization or market, instilling an innovative culture is a great way to achieve agile growth. Furthermore, sales innovation has become the fuel for companies in the race for relevancy.

But how can your business capitalize on innovation to create a sustainable competitive advantage? And how can you forge stronger bonds within your company and with your clients as well?

Below are some tips that will help you take the bull by the horns.

Using sales innovation for growth & success:

  • Break free of bureaucracy chains

Bureaucracy is a major obstacle in the face of creativity and open communication. When it is taken out of the equation, you have a more united team working together to grow your business. Likewise, instilling a more agile culture makes your business become more adaptive and seamless. Moreover, since there is an evident disconnect between what customers expect and what they get, better communication allows you to build stronger internal relationships that will positively influence your overall performance as a business.

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  • Rebrand your new sales strategies

This point is actually very logical but often underestimated. If you want your team to be excited when working on a new sales project, be sure to find the right name for it. When you call a new sales strategy a project or an initiative, you dilute its potential. However, rebranding your sales strategy as an experiment, for example, will encourage your team to take risks rather than be weary of failure.

  • Establish trackable metrics

Data is a vital tool for monitoring growth and success. However, many businesses often create complex sales metrics that frustrate their sales teams. So although advanced analyses can be beneficial in the long-run, you need to have simple sales tracking tools in place for small scale evaluation. Moreover, try to focus on qualitative metrics as much as you focus on quantitative ones. This will better help you construct a narrative for your numbers and better utilize your business intelligence.

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  • Spend time with your customers

If you want your sales innovation to increase, you must spend time learning more about your customers. To do this right, encourage your sales team to better understand your customers’ demographics, wantsneeds and expectations. The more your team is knowledgeable about your customers, the more they can quash inefficiencies and deliver customized solutions.

Bonus tip: Face time with your customers is more valuable that you can imagine. It shows your customers your level of commitment and it teaches your team to be proactive in predicting problems and creating solutions. 

How do you raise the bar of sales innovation in your business? What practices and strategies do you utilize to keep your sales team motivated and competitive? Don’t hesitate to share with us your feedback and feature your company in the comment section below. 

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