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How to Utilize Social Media to Recruit Employees

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Tips on using social media to find & recruit employees

With around 22% of the world’s population on Facebook and 530 million profiles on LinkedIn, it is no secret that your business should have a strong online presence. Now I’m sure that many of you rely on social media to attract customers and increase sales. However, have you considered the potential social media can have in helping you recruit employees?

But why should you even consider social media for hiring when you can utilize the good old traditional ways? And how can you harness the power of social media to find, attract and hire skilled employees? Read more here to find out.

Why social media hiring?

Given the fast-paced business environment we live in, brands need to learn how to become more efficient in all their processes. This includes the recruitment process as well. Since your company can’t really afford to keep actively searching for employees or have a high turn over rate, you need to take your time to look for the employees with the right skills and the right cultural match as well.

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Fortunately, hiring through social media can help you do just that. Just think about it this way, people who will follow your brand online probably share your values and are interested in your offerings. And just like that… you have just crossed two very important items off your recruitment requirement checklist!

How to recruit employees via social media:

To really benefit from social media and attract highly qualified new employees, you need to apply the tips below:

  • Post cultural insights

A great way to make your business is relatable to both potential clients and hires is to openly discuss your company’s culture. For example, your company could be all about open-plan office spaces. However, many candidates could be repelled by that arrangement and would prefer working remotely or in more private settings.

The more culture-related information you can share publicly, the more your candidates could better align with your company’s ethos. After all, no matter how skilled your new hire is, if he crashes with your company’s culture, he will eventually leave and put you on the hunt again.

  • Share images of your team

No one likes to feel unappreciated. This is true wherever you go and whatever you do. In fact, when it comes to employees, the more you give them credit and acknowledge their work, the more productive, creative and loyal they will be to you. Sharing pictures of your current employees and their achievements can motivate others to join your workforce.

Conversely, since employee pictures can provide some insights to who will be working by their side, sharing pictures can help rule out those who prefer a more laid back environment or a more diversified team.

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  • Ask your team to be your advocate

Every brand seeks to convey itself in the best light. This is perfectly normal. However, it is what makes people a little skeptic about what you post about yourself. If you are looking to increase your online credibility, you need to get your employees to be your advocates.

Encourage your employees to share your content on their personal accounts. Moreover, ask them to share their opinions and insights and get the conversation flowing. You can also have your employees share your recruitment posts with friends and family. This can help attract perfect cultural matches to your company.

  • Emphasize benefits of working for you

Do you have a casual Thursdays at the office? Are you implementing flexible working hours for your employees? Do you allow working employees to work remotely 3 times a week? Whatever benefits or perks you may offer your employees, make sure to shed the light on them in your social posts.

  • Consider some paid ads

Another way to find and recruit employees is by paying for some ads. We recommend using Facebook ads as they allow you to target people based on their location, education level, job title and interests. Your ad copy needs to be well written and should emphasize the benefits of working for you, compelling images and some details about your company and what you do.

After your ad design and copy are complete, it is time to boost your post and watch the magic happen. Try to keep the payment at a minimum ($5) until you see what kind of results you will get.

Do you use social media to find and recruit employees? Do you have any insights to share with us about this topic? We look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below. 

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