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How to Increase Conversions for Your Online Store

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Higher conversions for your online store

Your online store relies on sales to grow and succeed. If you are currently operating an e-commerce platform, you probably know by now how important sales are for your business.

Whether you sell your products exclusively online or have an online site in addition to your brick and mortar store, the key to your success is high conversion rates.

But how do you get your conversion rates to go up? What do you need to do to optimize and improve your e-commerce website? Read more here as we share with you what you need to do.

Tips for increasing online store conversions:

  • Optimize your website

Even if you have thousands of products to sell on your website, avoid trying to cram them all in one page. Doing that is not only ineffective, it will also affect your conversion rates.

Clutter is very overwhelming to your site visitors. To display your products effectively, focus on your top selling items with the highest profit margins. Moreover, you can promote one product and add a navigation bar at the top of the screen to list different product categories. This will make it way for shoppers to find what they want, which in turn means more sales.

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  • Always use high quality images

Since you operate an online store, your customers do not have direct access to your products. Instead, they rely on images when they want to make a purchase. For this reason, it is essential that you use high quality pictures for each and every one of your products. Also, you should have a picture of the product from each angle while zooming in on features.

The clearer your product features are in your images, the easier it will be for consumers to make a decision to buy it.

  • Include detailed product descriptions

In addition to high quality images, you should also thoroughly describe the product you are selling. This is very important for items such as gadgets and electronics.

Think of it this way: since customers can’t walk into your physical store and ask an employee about the product and how it works, your site should provide all the needed information to answer their questions.

  • Show video demonstrations

How about you take things a step further and show the consumer what your product does and how it work using video content? It is very helpful to consumers and will encourage them make an online decision.

Videos are super powerful tools for giving your consumers the information they need about your products in a fun and simple manner.

  • Offer customer service

When your customer is shopping online, there is no one there to assist him/her. To help replicate the physical store experience, make sure you give your customers easily accessible customer service. Your options include phone, live chat and email.

Moreover, offer customers as many options as possible to contact your company and make support available at all hours.

  • Avoid surprising customer with extra fees

Consumers are sensitive to unhappy surprises. They are also sensitive about prices. To avoid losing your customers, you need to be upfront and completely transparent with the product prices on your website.

Do not add hidden taxes, charges or shipping fees as this can crush your conversions.

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  • Send shopping cart abandonment messages

Naturally, some customers will end up abandoning their carts and leave your online store without continuing their purchase.

What should you do next?

Well, for starters, you can’t just ignore this. You need to give them a bit of motivation to complete the sale. To o that, send them an email reminding them of their abandoned shopping cart. You can even offer a discount to encourage them to buy the items they left behind right now.

  • Accept a variety of payment options

Since not every customer will have a Visa card, you need to make it a point to accept all major credit cards including American Express, Discover and MasterCard.

Furthermore, you should also consider alternative payments such as Apple Pay and PayPal to increase the chances of your customer being able to pay using their preferred method.

  • Offer product recommendations

To enhance your users’ shopping experience, use your site cookies to recommend products to your customers based on what they like. You can also use their previous order history to further personalize recommendations.

Finally, remember this: No matter how old your business is, there is always room for improvement and change. Sometimes, the smallest of modifications can make a big difference.

What do you do to increase conversions to your online store? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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