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What Are the Powerful Benefits of Native Advertising?

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The benefits of native advertising for business growth

Native advertising is any form of paid content that is both in-feed and also inherently non-disruptive. Examples include promoted Twitter tweets, suggested posts on Facebook as well as editorial based content recommendations.

Recently, many content marketers have turned their attention to this particular type of advertising due to its effectiveness in building customer trust and increasing engagement.

But what are the types and benefits of native ads? And what are its do’s and don’ts? Read more here to find out.

Types of native advertising:

Native ads fall into these six distinctive categories:

  • Content recommendation engine widgets

You can find these widgets at the end of some articles that you read online with heading such as “Recommended for You…” or “You Might Also Like…“. Their main purpose of these widgets is to leverage audience of major publishers and drive them back to other publishers’ websites. Moreover, they are great for increasing audience numbers as well as lead generation.

  • Promoted listings

This type of native ads is used by e-commerce sites to feature sponsored products. It is a cost effective way for getting your brand ahead of the line for more exposure as well as higher sales.

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  • Paid search ads

Paid search ads are similar to promoted listings. However, the listing do not appear on a category page, instead, they appear at the top of customer search results. These paid search ads are used within search results for individual domains as well as for search engine marketing.

  • In-feed units

In-feed units promote sponsored content within the natural index of articles in publications. So basically readers will see the original content as a part of a stream or gallery in addition to the sponsored content from advertisers. Although the content is marked as sponsored, it still blends in with the publisher’s native experience.

  •  In-ad with native elements

This type of native advertising may look like a standard ad. However, it does have significant contextual relevance with the publisher. A basic example is a food brand promoting its proprietary recipes on sites such as

  • Custom ads

The last type of native ads is custom ads. This type of ads allow you to define your own variable for the ads you want to sell. These variables include values such as headline, image, body and call to action.

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What are the benefits of native advertising?

There are many advantages to using native ads for promoting your business and its growth. The main benefits include:

  • Increasing brand recall and recognition.
  • Learning how to create your own native ads by partnering with experienced publishers.
  • Yielding higher customer attention.
  • Increasing engagement (likes, shares & comments) with your brand and offerings.
  • Making retargeting customers easier and more effective.

Tips for effectively using native ads:

Now that you know the main benefits of native ads, let’s together explore the do’s and don’ts you need to keep in mind.

  • Make sure that you properly label your promoted content.
  • Revert to social media to identify what types of headlines work.
  • Use effective body copy to smoothly guide your readers to the next step.
  • Never use misleading or inaccurate ad copy or headlines that are too good to be true.
  • Avoid using articles with duplicate content.
  • Do not encourage accidental clicks by implementing seemingly organic content.

To wrap it up, let us know what you think of native advertising. Have you used it before? Did you find it effective and rewarding? Don’t hesitate to share with us your insights in the comment section below. 

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