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How to Use Mobile Marketing for Growing Your Small Business

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Mobile marketing tips for business growth

We all understand the value of marketing. Moreover, we know that without some type of marketing strategy, such as interactive or digital marketing, your small business has slim to no chances of survival. This is especially true when you fail to utilize mobile marketing to get in front of your customers and grab their attention while they are using their devices.

So how can you utilize mobile marketing to boost sales and grow your business? How can you use it to attract online shoppers and walk-in customers as well? Read more here to find out.

Essential mobile marketing tips:

  • Embrace text marketing

SMS and WhatsApp messages are quickly become one of the most powerful marketing tools for reaching customers wherever they are. With more than 3/4 of the world’s smartphones being SMS enabled, your business should aim to be the same as well.

Moreover, since customers are more likely to open messages than e-mails, use that to your advantage and create opt-in campaigns to motivate customers to take action by offering them rewards and discounts for signing up with you.

  • Have a mobile-friendly website

Having a responsive website design is very crucial to the success of your small business. Your website should be optimized for browsing and exploring on laptops, smartphones, desktops and tablets as well.

Failing to have a mobile-friendly website will cost you many potential customers. Even those who are very interested in your offerings will not hesitate to hop on to competitor websites if your site fails to function properly on their mobile phones.

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  • Create a mobile app

Well ladies and gentlemen, if you still don’t have a mobile app for your small business, it is time to think about creating one. Your choice of mobile app does not have to be expensive or fancy. However, you should consider functionality and ease of use. You should also make it appealing, interactive and an overall fun experience for customers.

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  • Incorporate mobile payments

Whether you sell products or services, it’s a smart idea to accept mobile payments from customers. This will make their lives much easier, which can dramatically increase your sales and revenues.

What you need to think about here is which payment processors you use. Take the time to research the benefits they offer such as security, service and cost efficiency. Then choose the right payment processor for your business and customers.

  • Make your online presence meaningful

Social media is not just for stalking exes and posting pictures! It can actually be one of the most effective ways to engage your customers and reel them in. To do that, you need to spend time sharing meaningful content with them. Moreover, reply to comments, answer questions and be present. The more your brand’s presence is meaningful and valuable, the more your customers will remember it and consider it.

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  • Offer up deals & discounts

Another mobile marketing trick you can highly benefit from is sending out digital coupons. The great things about digital deals is that they go straight to your customer’s smartphones and are nearly impossible to lose. Furthermore, they are a good way to motivate your customers to come to your store without spending thousands on traditional advertising efforts.

  • Utilize mobile customer service

Use mobile customer service to take payments, track orders, share shipping details and even respond to customer questions. Not only is it convenient to customers, it is also convenient to you as a small business. Just think of how satisfied your customers can be if you are always there when they need you!

  • Register on mobile directories

Gone are the days of thick phone books with yellow pages. Nowadays, people are turning to mobile directories when they need to find a business they are interested in. So make it a point that they find you there. Register with Yelp or Google+ Local. Furthermore, make sure that you add all your essential business details including your offerings, opening hours, address, a link to your site and your business phone number.

What other mobile marketing tips can you think of or have used to grow your small business? Let us hear form you in our comment section below!

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