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How to Use Live Streaming to Reach Your Audience

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Taking advantage of live streaming for business success

Live streaming is taking over the internet and marketers are making good money using it.

Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are the main players in this live streaming game. However, many more players are joining the party and chipping at the market every month.

But what is live streaming? What’s the attraction behind it? And how can you make use of it to grow your business? This light read will answer those questions for you and give you some tips on how to do it right.

What is live streaming?

Simply put, it is the process of transmitting both live video and audio coverage over the internet. Although it recently became a buzz word, this type of streaming has been around for decades but was financially and technologically prohibitive to casual users.

In 2009, Livestream and Ustream made this video format available to the general public through their mobile apps. However, it was Meerkat that actually made it catch on with the masses in February 2015. Soon after, Twitter and Facebook joined the race and Youtube followed a few months after.

So what is the attraction of streaming live videos?

Streaming live videos can be easily done through multiple social media channels and here is why it is so attractive to marketers:

  • It is a quick way for you to reach and attract your audience.
  • Live videos speed up the building trust process.
  • It is a unique way to share content.
  • It’s an easy and simple way to incorporate video into your marketing strategy.
  • There is no need for video editing.

The thing about streaming live is that it only requires you to pick up your phone and start interacting with your audience. You can even repurpose your live videos to embed them  on your site or blog later on.

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How can you use live streaming for your business?

Awareness, conversion and evaluation are the three main components in the marketing funnel. You can easily use live videos for each of these 3 components as follows:

  • Introduce your brand to your audience

In this digital marketing age, customers want more than just to buy a product or a service. They look for experiences. To give them the experiences they are looking for, you need to give them a face behind your business/brand. You can use live videos to do that and establish a closer connection with your potential customer. Moreover, live streaming is a great opportunity for you to introduce your business and offering and give your audience a chance to comment and ask questions.

  • Cross promote across various channels

Different people consume content in different ways. With this in mind, you can use live videos to create diversity in your content strategy and attract a larger target audience. Moreover, it is a great way to encourage your audience to follow you on more than one social media platform to engage with the different types of content you share.

  • Demonstrate your offering on camera

You can always tell your audience about how your product or service works. However, it is even better to show them how they can use it. This gives your audience the chance to evaluate your offering on the spot. Then, you can take the time to answer their questions, respond to their concerns and ask them to take action, all in one place.

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  • Get audience feedback & content ideas

It can be such a headache to get people to respond to your surveys. But that’s not the case if you are doing it via live streaming. The same applies to polling your audience about what topics they would like to know more about or their feedback regarding a certain topic.

  • Guide your audience to your website

Another way you can make use of live videos is by making it point your audience to your website or landing page. To do that, you must offer them something in return, such as a free webinar. If you succeed, you will have the opportunity to spread awareness about your offering and build your email list as well.

  • Announce sales or special events

Now that your audience know and trust your brand, you can use live videos to invite them to your events. Give them an idea about the event and what they should expect. Furthermore, you can use live videos to promote as well as pitch offers and sales to your audience.

Are you thinking about adding live streaming to your marketing mix? What are the challenges you are facing? Let us know your concerns and thoughts in the comment section below.  

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