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Great Social Media Hacks for Boosting Engagement

Social media hacks: how to get your audience to like, share & click!
Social media hacks: how to get your audience to like, share & click!

Much needed social media hacks for boosting audience engagement

It is safe to say that your audience live on social media networks where they post selfies and funny videos but also rely on them for information, engagement and entertainment. This has made social media marketing very essential for brands and businesses alike. This is why today we will be sharing with you some easy yet essential social media hacks to help boost your audience engagement.

Social media hacks 101:

  • Ask creative questions

One of the best and easiest ways to start a conversation with your audience is by asking them provoking, creative and interesting questions. Adding videos or images to your questions can also help you capture their attention.

  • Conduct polls

To get information about your audience without them having to put in much effort, use polls. Polls are simple and effective tools for engagement, plus, they are easy to create and use.

  • Tag or mention interactive people

Tagging or mentioning those who interact with your posts can help increase your credibility. However, one rule you need to remember is not to over do it!

  • Use hashtags

Many people underestimate the power of hashtags, which is definitely wrong. Relevant hashtags can help your audience find you between the information clutter.

  • Discuss current events

A great way to spark timely engagement is sharing and discussing current events and news. Check out what is trending online and write about it in your own style.

  • Utilize social media management tools

Hootsuite, Tweepi and other tools are very helpful for managing and engaging with your audience so make sure you choose what works best for your business goals and budget.

That’s all we have for now! Be sure to check in with us soon for more tips, hacks, stories and news that you will certainly enjoy! 

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