How to Become an In-Demand Freelance Writer

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Tips for becoming a desired freelance writer

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a deep passion for writing. When I was 15, I started writing short stories and poetry and sharing those writings with friends and family. A few years later, I started my first blog which I then abandoned for my current blog:

When I first started writing, I never thought I would do it for a living. It was just something I really enjoyed. However, as the days went by, I discovered that I could write about almost anything and I enjoyed that as well. Since then, I’ve written for numerous magazines and clients, both locally and regionally. My writings include website content, company profiles, press releases, video scripts as well as the posts I write and share here on The Global Now.

Being a freelance writer is a great way to employ your writing skills and make money from home but it also comes with some challenges. This is why today, I’ve decided to share with you some tips on how to succeed at freelance writing. I hope you find my experience and insights both useful and motivating.

How to become a successful freelance writer:

  • Secure the basics

To begin your path as a freelancer writer, you need to have a secure WordPress website, a payment processor as well as profiles on a few selected social media networks. It is also a good idea to have access to sites such as CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer, a plagiarism checking tool as well as an app such as Hemingway to help you double check your writings for grammar, clarity and readability.

  • Write down your goals

What do you want to achieve as a freelance writer? How many projects would you like to take on? What is your end game? You need to answer these questions before you start taking on clients. Once you have defined your short term and long term goals, it will become easier for you to prioritize the work you receive and deliver it on time.

  • Believe in your skill set

Remember this: anyone can use words to make sentences however not anyone can be a writer. Have faith in your skill set and the work that you do. Moroever, don’t let others make you think that your writing is just a hobby when it can actually help businesses grow and prosper.

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  • Create a pricing list

This one has always been a tough one for me. I was never able to set a price for my work out of fear that I might be over or under pricing. However, it is absolutely important that you set your prices with confidence. To do this right, do your research to determine your hourly rate, estimate the number of hours each project will take, clearly communicate your prices to your client then track your hours and adjust pricing accordingly.

  • Show proof of your expertise

Share samples of your work as well as testimonials on your website and social media networks. The more you are able to provide proof of your work’s quality, the easier it will be for people to find and contact you for future projects. Also, never underestimate the power of positive word-of-mouth advertising.

  • Outline points to consider when taking on new projects

The work you take on has to be a good match for you just as you need to be a good match for its requirements. This is why you need to ask the following questions every time you take on a new project:

  1. What is the client’s budget for this project?
  2. What are the clients goals and objectives?
  3. How does this project fit into the client’s overall marketing strategy?
  4. Will the client make alterations after you deliver the work?
  5. Could this project lead to regular work or is it a one off deal?

Answering these questions clearly and thoroughly will help you tailor your services to meet your client’s needs and will justify the rate you will charge.

  • Create & present a compelling proposal

After evaluating the project needs in terms of time, resources, inputs and outputs it is time for you to outline them in a proposal. Think of your proposal as the last chance for you to seal the deal with your potential client. Your proposal should be professional, clear, comprehensive and straight to the point. Moreover, it should indirectly list the benefits of your offer and spark interest in choosing you on the project.

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  • Set & meet your deadline

When it comes to deadlines, things could get tricky. This is why it is very important that you always give yourself more time than you think you might need. Take me for example, I’m a “fast writer’, after I do my research, I can finish just about any piece of content in a few hours max. However, I always give my clients a few days for delivering the project. Why? Just to be prepared for worst case scenarios and give myself some time not to rush or miss the deadline for any reason.

  • Get clear consent on terms of service & pricing

The last thing you want as a freelance writer is to end up running around after your client trying to get paid. Trust me, I have been there and hated every second of it. So make sure your client agrees on your terms of service and pricing before you start on the project. Elements you must consider in your terms of service can include:

  1. A detailed outline of the project goals.
  2. The service you will be providing.
  3. The deadline.
  4. Number of revisions included in the pricing.
  5. Payment options and methods.
  6. How the client can contact you in case of any questions.
  7. What will happen if the client cancels the project after you start working on it.
  8. Any additional costs that must be added if the client asks for requests beyond the scope of the project.

I also advise that you always take half of the payment upfront whenever possible to guarantee that you won’t get ripped off at the end of the project.

  • Identify your best/ideal clients

As a freelance writer, you get to pick and choose the clients you want to work for. This is a blessing if you do it right. The way you market yourself will largely determine the types of clients you attract. So aim high and avoid low paying and unfulfilling jobs that will only waste your creativity, time and energy. Contributing to well-reputed publications is an excellent way to attract clients with substantial budgets and who are interested in quality rather than quantity.

  • Deliver ROI

You need to be the kind of freelance writer who provides value to the businesses that hire you. Otherwise, you are just a wanna be writer trying to make money like many others out there. To do that, you must not only provide pages of words, you must provide results. Make sure that you do your research on your client’s competition. Moreover, make sure that the copy you produce is unique, original, persuasive, compelling and will lead to a good ROI for your clients.

These are only some of the tips I want to share with you on becoming a successful freelance writer. Be sure to visit us again very soon for part tow of this interesting topic.

We look forward to hear your insights and feedback in our comment section below!

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