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All You Need to Know about Evergreen Content

evergreen content
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What is evergreen content & how to make it work for you?

Having long-lasting content on your website, blog or even in your archives is an asset for your traffic, social sharing and much more. Actually, whether you have actively thought about it or not, you probably have some evergreen content on your site right now.

But what are evergreen articles and how can you work more of them into your content strategy? Read more here for more details and tips.

What is evergreen content?

If you have a blog or a site that you regularly use for publishing, it is safe to assume that you create quality and useful content by default. Now what makes evergreen content different is how long it stays relevant. The longer your content can be linked to and can get you traffic, the more it qualifies as evergreen.

“Evergreen posts produce continued and sustained success.”  

Although great content can generate ongoing interest, links, engagement and traffic, timeless content allows for over time growth rather than a peak followed by a trail off.

To be proactive and setup your content for sustained success, you need to add evergreen posts into your content strategy. Below are some guidelines to help you do just that.

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Keys to creating evergreen content:

  • Be the ultimate content source

Your evergreen post needs to be the definitive source on the topic your write about. This means you need to spend extra time writing your evergreen posts to ensure that they are comprehensive and complete. Moreover, you might want to write extra long evergreen posts as Google loves in-depth articles of 2,000 plus words and highlights them on its search results pages.

  • Write for beginners

When it comes to evergreen posts, you need to write for beginners rather than experts. Since experts are less likely to go online looking for tips, your audience are most likely going to be beginners. So write content that is suitable for them. With that said, you need to avoid bragging and showing off your expertise. Also, make sure that you avoid using complicated terminologies as well as technical language. Instead, go for definitive yet readable content.

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  • Narrow the topics you choose

When writing evergreen articles, it is always a good idea to narrow the topics you choose. Specific topics are easy to write and are easier for your readers to read and benefit from. Furthermore, you can always gather narrowed topics into a series. So write about related topics around a certain subject, then link these posts together.

Example: Create a series of LinkedIn Marketing articles and under that series write about How to Set Up Your LinkedIn Account for Success and How to Generate LinkedIn Leads.   

A list of evergreen content idea:

Evergreen posts can virtually take on any form as long as they serve the purpose of timelessness and quality. Here is a list of some evergreen post ideas that seem to work best.

  • Tips and how-to posts
  • Origin stories and historical posts
  • Informational posts
  • Curated content for top tips
  • Answers to industry related FAQs

So what qualifies as non-evergreen posts?

  • Statistics and data
  • Speculation and opinion posts
  • Event-specific content
  • Breaking stories and news

Now that you know what evergreen content is, we will give you some final thoughts about how to share it and you are good to go.

How to share evergreen content:

So how can you leverage your timeless content and reap the benefits of your hard work?

  1. Promote your content on social media. Actually, you can even repost your content and gain more traffic, hit multiple time zones and reach new followers.
  2. Create an evergreen section on your site. Use this section to call attention to your evergreen posts to attract new readers and customers.
  3. Link to your evergreen posts in other content. Make use of the art of internal linking to build traffic, promote pages and boost SEO.

What type of evergreen content do you enjoy? What works best for you? We’d love to hear more about your success stories and insights in the comment section below. 

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