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How to Win Over Impatient Content Readers

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Tips for winning over impatient content readers

Over the last 17 years, our average attention span went down from 12 seconds to around 8 seconds. Moreover, due to technology advancements and the fact that we are always starved for time, our level impatience has also risen dramatically. But what does this mean for you as a content creator? It simply means that you have to find ways to encourage impatient content readers to engage with your content.

So what can you do to face these new challenges? And how can you convince readers to read past your headlines and dive into your content? Let’s discuss the answers to these important questions below.

How to write for impatient content readers:

  • Pay special attention to your headlines

The last thing you want to do is mislead your readers by creating headlines that don’t match your content. This means that your headlines need to be attention-grabbing while accurately describing what readers should expect from your content. Moreover, always make sure that your headlines are not too long or too short. Your headlines need to be long enough to give your readers enough details about your content but not too long that they discourage them to read more.

  • Keep introductions engaging & to the point

If your readers like your headlines but then find your intro to be dull, boring or uninteresting, they will most likely stop reading. Use your introduction to show your readers that your content is interesting, valuable and thought-provoking. Make your introduction good enough to show your readers that they will benefit from reading on.

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  • Ask your readers the right questions

Another way to engage impatient content readers is by asking them questions. Moreover, you want to use questions to help readers relate to your content and motivate them to keep reading on to find the answers to your questions.

  • Include some quotes & statistics

The more authoritative your article is, the more people will find it credible. So include some quotes from industry experts instead of just your own opinions and thoughts. Also, use statistics, facts and figures to make your copy more reliable and concrete.

  • Make your content easy to digest

Headings, bullet points, short paragraphs and sentences make your content more scannable. This allows time starved readers to go through your content more easily. On the other hand, text heavy content can be daunting and exhausting for your readers. Avoid writing academic essays and go for snappy content instead.

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  • Embed hyperlinks wisely

A great way to make your content more credible is by adding relevant hyperlinks to related articles and websites. However, you should not add too many hyperlinks because you might lose the reader to another site before he could finish reading the content on yours.

  • Use relevant images with the right captions

Visually engaging your audience is another way to capture their attention. Actually, sometimes it is the image that makes your readers want to read your content. So take the time to choose the right images to enhance your content. Furthermore, make sure you add captions when needed and that you credit images that are not yours.

  • Have a unique voice/tone

Your articles need to be unique. To make this happen, you need to have a unique voice when you write your content. Breathe a bit of yourself into the words you write and use a friendly and light-hearted tone to keep your audience interested and engaged at all times.

  • Be social-media friendly

Readers like to share what they like on different social media channels. Take the consider how your content will be presented on each platform to make sure it’s enticing to other readers. Moreover, make sure that your content is mobile friendly since many of your readers will use their mobiles to view it.

  • Use a clear CTA

Make your call to action clear to your readers. Whether you want them to subscribe to your newsletter or you want them to follow your page, your message should be clear. However, avoid being spammy as your content readers are more likely to ignore your CTA is they feel pressured to do the action.

  • Leave some questions unanswered

You need to always answer the questions in your headline and/or introduction. Nevertheless, sometimes, it’s a good idea to leave some questions unanswered to keep your readers curious and give them something to reflect on.

Bonus Tip: Dig deeper to better understand your audience and their interests so you can write content that connects with theirs needs and values.

How do you keep impatient content readers hooked? What tips and insights could you share with other content creators to help them out? We look forward to your feedback in the comment section below. 

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