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How to Market Your Content to Baby Boomers

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Content marketing tips for baby boomers

When you hear the term ‘baby boomers‘, you probably think of grandpas and grandmas living in retirement. But that’s not the case any more. Actually, many baby boomers are now launching startups and becoming entrepreneurs instead of retiring. This makes them the perfect audience to promote your content to if you want your business to grow and succeed.

So how do you market to this segment? Which content marketing strategies should you employ? Let’s explore this topic together.

Marketing for baby boomers 101:

  • Avoid abbreviations

Even when your target audience is an experienced crowd, you must not assume that they know everything. This is why it is very important that you do not use abbreviations and tech terms in your content without explaining them fully. This also applies to pop-culture references and slang terms. Furthermore, try to only use such terms when you have to and only when they add value to your content.

  • Pay attention to content design

Whoever you are marketing to, you should always pay attention to the format and design of your content. You need to use proper formatting including the font size. Moreover, you need to focus on how your content and text appear on mobile devices to ensure that it is easy to read across all devices.

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  • Use catchy headlines

If you are thinking of using clickbait article headlines to attract baby boomers, think again! They are too smart to fall for this kind of topics. Instead, choose relevant and more economical headlines they can easily relate to.

  • Focus on using Facebook

According to this infographic published on Adweek, 90% of baby boomers prefer Facebook to Instagram. This means that you must focus your on creating content for Facebook and ditch Instagram when you are marketing to this particular niche. Furthermore, make it a point to apply what we have previously discussed about abbreviations and content formatting to your social media content as well.

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  • Avoid being condescending

When trying to reach baby boomers, many marketers often make the mistake of making their audience feel old. Talking down to your audience will offend them and make them feel bad about your brand and offering. Instead, talk to them as equals and make them feel as if they are a part of your generation. Also, avoid over explaining everything and over simplifying your content.

  • Create more videos & blogposts

E-books, videos and written content are the way to go when advertising to baby boomers. So focus your efforts on creating this type of content. Moreover, use different strategies in your videos such as explainer videos and whiteboard videos to get their attention, help them understand and keep them engaged.

  • Make clear & straightforward promises

All marketers promise their audience something when promoting a product or a service. However, when promoting to baby boomers, you need to make sure that your promise is clear enough to understand. To do that, you must explain, in details, the necessary steps needed to fulfill that promise.

 Who are your brand’s primary target audience? Do you custom tailor your content marketing efforts to attract them and build solid relationships with them? We look forward to your insights and feedback in the comment section below. 

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