How to Avoid Sales Slumps During the Holidays

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Tips for avoiding holiday sales slumps

If you are lucky enough, your business can drive massive revenues during the holidays. However, that’s not the case with all companies. Actually, some service oriented companies and B2B brands greatly suffer from sales slumps in the last weeks leading up to the end of the year.

So how can you keep your sales operations churning during the final weeks of the year? Which strategies can you utilize to ensure that your business stays ahead of the game? Read more here to find out.

How to avoid holiday sales slumps:

In order to keep leads warm during winter, you need a renewed focus on content marketing. The following 3 tips can help you achieve that.

  • STOP the follow up emails

No one likes follow up emails and most people consider them a waste of their valuable time. However, when deals are slow, salespeople resort to follow up emails to try and stay fresh in their prospects’ minds. To ensure that you don’t put your customers off your brand and products/services, you need to scrap the standard self-serving follow up emails from your sales strategy. Instead, send out educational and engaging emails with valuable content. Moreover, try to go for informative holiday themed content that will remind your prospects of your brand and its offerings.

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  • Provide HELPFUL content

The content you share should speak directly to your prospects’ pain points. This is why it needs to be well thought of, helpful and should address the struggles your prospects are experiencing. Take this time to work with your marketing team to position yourself as a helpful and caring partner during this season. Think about it this way: the more helpful your content is, the more likely your prospects will respond to it.

For best results, collect, organize and store the challenges your prospects face throughout the year and use them to create the best content that will help you keep your momentum beyond the new year.

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  • Share your milestones & SUCCESSES

The holidays are a time for happy feelings and good news. They are also a chance for individuals and companies to reflect and highlight the best parts of the closing year. Try to capitalize on that vibe by sharing your own good news with your prospects and show off the great things you and your team have achieved. This includes prizes, awards and any other wins you have earned this year.

The best type of content you can share is content that shows how you have helped others succeed. This will help set you aside from competition by reinforcing your credibility and humanizing your brand in comparison to others.

How do you avoid sales slumps during the holidays? Which strategies do you rely on to help you keep revenues up? We would love to hear your insights and feedback in the comment section below. 

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