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5 Benefits of Blogs for Business & Marketing

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Why you need to create a blog for your business

20 years ago, blogs were almost non existent. These days, there are millions of personal and business blogs out there. But what is the reason for this growth? First and foremost, a blog is great marketing tool for businesses. Secondly, it is an easy and cheap way to get your ideas out to the world.

So do you really need a blog for your business? Blogging for your business can really make a difference when it comes to search visibility, leads and sales. It can also play a big part of your content publication strategy.

Here are 5 benefits you will reap from having a blog for your business.

5 benefits of blogs for business & marketing:

  • They help drive traffic to your website

Whether you choose to blog on your own website or decide to go for a WordPress blogging platform, having a blog can really help increase the number of visitors to your site. The more you blog for your business, the more you will get indexed on search engines, which means more organic traffic. Moreover, having a blog makes you more discoverable on social media channels since it is easier for your audience to share your content when it’s in a valuable, educational and entertaining form.

  • They help convert traffic into potential customers

Now that you have more people coming to your site, you have better chances of converting them into customers. How? Well, it is actually simpler that you might think. All you need is to add a lead-generating call to action button to each post. These CTAs can lead to free trials, free newsletters or any kind of content that your audience would be willing to exchange information for. The information you collect can then be used by your sales team to better target leads and convert them into customers.

  • They help you establish your authority

To have a successful business blog, you need to answer any questions or inquiries your leads and customers might have. So the more you create content that is informative, educational and valuable, the more you will be seen as an authority in their eyes. This will make them want to choose you over your competitors when they are out seeking a certain product or service.

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  • They drive long-term results

Since most of the traffic you get from publishing on your blog will be at a later stage, blogging allows you to slowly but surely generate leads over a long period of time. So, while you might not see immediate results from blogging, over time you will reap the benefits of your blog without having to invest in any additional resources.

  • They are great for testing products, services & campaigns

Another benefit of business blogs is that they allow you to test out your big campaigns before you invest loads of time and money creating them. So if you are thinking of rolling out a new product or service, your blog can be your testing platform to see if the idea you have is worth the investment or not. This also works for advertising campaigns, social media campaigns and so on.

What is your take on business blogging? Do you think blogs are important for businesses? Don’t hesitate to share with us your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below. 

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